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Let's be honest for a moment here...hands up if you read the labels on clothes before you wash them?? Yep...me neither and it has bitten me on the bum or more than one occasion. Most recently I had a pair of black leggings that I washed and when them came out the tumble drier they were a weird black/brown colour and then I also managed to shrink one of hubby's jumpers so good that it could have fitted Pickle!! Want to know why I don't look at labels and just chuck the washing in and hope for the best? Well, it's because I have no clue what I am looking at when I look at the labels! I know the obvious ones like the tumble drier with the cross through it (that's don't tumble dry if you didn't know!) but the rest of them...I do not have scooby!! That is why when came across this survey and super helpful info sheet from Data label I knew I HAD to share it.

The survey covers a lot of the things that I already knew...

People throw clothes away because they don't know how to wash them or have washed them incorrectly  - Yep..that's me.
Some people feel scared of putting certain things through the wash as they don't know how to wash it - Yep...also me.
56% of people say that they find clothing labels confusing - I find them 95% confusing!!

What I didn't know however was what all the things on the labels mean. The information was so helpful I am seriously going to print it and stick it next to my washing machine to hopefully remind me to check to avoid any further mishaps!

I mean who knew that 2 dots in the tumble drier meant tumble dry high?? I sure as sunshine didn't! I seriously loved this and have already made use of it. I brought a jumper that I adore the other day and to avoid me shrinking it or discolouring it I made sure I read the label properly. Now, bare in mind that normally I wash everything at 40 and tumble dry pretty much everything, I washed this jumper inside out, with similar colours, reshaped it when it was wet and dried it out the rads and it has come out looking just as good as it did when I brought it. BRILLIANT!!! And it was all thanks to the info!

Your welcome :)

Information provided in a press release by Data Label.

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