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I know it is a part of life and that everyone does it to a point and blah blah blah but is anyone else just sick to death of it?!?!?
Recently all I have seen on the news is judgement.
What parents pack for school lunches...the good old breastfeed in public crap...leaving children in the car whilst you go and pay for your petrol... at the moment it seems like us parents cannot do right for doing wrong and I am so done with it.
Why does everything that we parents do have to be judged? Don't get me wrong, if your leaving your baby in the car whilst you go and do your weekly shop or your packing your kid off to school with a family sized bar of galaxy and a babybel for their lunch then yes you are not doing the right thing and will be judged but for the every day parent who has their head screwed on properly then I don't think we
deserve half the judgement we get.

The other day pickle and I went swimming and I asked at reception for a swim nappy for him. The lady looked at me and said 'For him?' whilst pointing at pickle who I was holding. I replied with 'ermm yeah...' to which she said:

''Oh, he looks old enough to be out of nappies by now''

WOAH!!!! Hold on a minute....who are you? Do you know me or my son? Do you have children? Have you potty trained anyone recently??

Pickle is 2 and a half. He is still in nappies but that is because at the moment in time he doesn't know when he is about to go. He is getting a lot better at telling me once he has gone but can't tell me when he needs to go. I know I do need to do it at some point but my plan is to wait until the summer after we have been on holiday and then blitz in a week. He can run around with no vest on, clothes will be super easy to get dry in the sun and hopefully he will be a little more ready in a couple of months than he is now. All children do things at different times. Everyone knows that so why do people need to judge?!?!

It's the same with pickles dummy. Yes he still has a dummy. So what?!?! He doesn't have it all the time, he only has it when he is going to sleep so what is the problem? It works for us at the moment and I think if we tried to get rid of it now he wouldn't understand. Just like the potty training, I know it will need to happen at some point but I would rather it be when he is a littler older and he can fully understand what is happening.

I always try not to judge anyone and their parenting techniques...who am I to judge?!? I don't know the right or best way to parent. I just do what is right for us as a family and what I think is best for my little man. So do you know what? I don't judge you so DON'T judge me!!!!!

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