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Some days I can't  wait to get rid of my child!!!! I literally count down the seconds until it's time for me to drop him off at my mums for the day and I actually look forward to going to work so that I can get a break!!! And do you know what?? I don't even feel bad for it!!

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Toddlers are hard!! Pickle seems to have really thrown himself into the terrible 2s recently and he is taking the role really seriously. 'No' and 'Mine' have become his favourite words, he's starting to try and argue back and reason with me ('one more' is a particular frequent phrase we get at the moment) and the meltdowns are coming thick and fast over the tiniest of things... last night it was because the dog licked his toe!! Pickle is being exhausting at the moment and some days dropping him off at my mums is a bloody relief!!!

Take yesterday morning for example...
6.00 AM - pickle climbs into our bed and demands the iPad. I sleepily mumble something back about going back to sleep and he snuggles in for a cuddle which is pretty lovely.
6.05 - lovelyness ends and I start getting poked in the face with the demand of iPad once again. I refuse and then the wailing starts!
6.08 - I can't cope with the wailing in my ear as I'm half asleep so hand over the iPad.
6.10 -  I doze back off to the sound of the finger family in my ear
6.45 - my alarm goes off so I head off downstairs to get myself washed etc

This is probably a good point to mention that normally pickle stays upstairs in bed whilst I get washed and brush my teeth. Then I take his milk and breakfast up to him and I then get myself dressed and ready and then get him ready. Once we are all done we go down stairs, get our bags and head off. Everyone's happy and ready and we leave on time! That's not what happened yesterday!

6.50 - I am down stairs brushing my teeth when Pickle appears at the bathroom door with the dog in tow...He asks for a biscuit to which my reply is obvious no so he throws himself on the floor and cries. The dog looks on in wonderment...
6.55 - I abandon getting ready and take pickle back upstairs, put him into our bed with his milk and breakfast and tell him I will be back in a minute as I need to go and sort my lunch out.
7.00 - Pickle is at the top of the stairs saying 'Downstairs Mummy...Maisie (the dog) here'. He basically wants to come down stairs and play with the dog. I tell him that I am just about to come back up so stay there.
7.05 - I go upstairs and pickle sits on the landing crying as he wants to go down. I start doing my make up.
7.10 - ''Please Mummy....Please.... Please.....'' All still whilst crying and sitting on the landing. I have told him a million times he needs to stay upstairs as we are getting ready to go so am now ignoring him whilst doing my hair.
7.15 - 'Daddyyyyyyy!!!!!! Daddy!!!!!'' Daddy is downstairs working (another reason why he can't go down there) and isn't going to help!
7.25 - I tell pickle its time for him to get dressed now that I am ready. This suggestion is met with a infuriating screaming session of ''NO''
7.35 - I have wrested the child into getting dressed and we are finally downstairs. Daddy puts on his shoes whilst I frantically get everything together to leave the house.
7.40 - I leave the house resembling a Bukaroo holding pickles bag, a selection of ptoddler, tantrum, crying, parenting, son, baby boy, toddler boy, boy, tears, angry, angry child, angry baby, sad babyaw patrol toys, my bag, my lunch bag, a coffee and pickles coat. AND this is the time where pickle decided his legs will
not work anymore so therefore he has to be carried! I refuse and walk away leaving him on the door step thinking pickle will follow me...
7.45 - leaving him didn't work! I am now carrying all the crap I was before PLUS a snot covered toddler.
7.50 - I finally bundle pickle and all of our crap into the car an he starts crying again because he wants Mickey Mouse?!?!? ''Mickey Mouse please Mummy!!! Please!!!'' WTF child?!??!??! I don't have mickey mouse!!!
8.05 - We pull up outside my mums and I am exhausted. During the 15 minute car journey I was told no around 45 times, puled a muscle in my shoulder stretching round at the traffic lights trying to reach the sodding kinder egg toy he dropped and have listened to Ed Sherans 'Shape of You' 4 times as pickle kept asking for ''Oh Wa one more time''.

I won't sugar coat it, I was bloody glad to drop him off and know that he could terrorise someone else for 7 hours whilst I went to work. Those couple of hours in the morning had almost broken me! I love my son to bits but sometimes he pushes al of my buttons and I can't wait to get a break. Selfish...maybe? But I don't care as it means that when I pick him up after work I have had a break and I am recharged ready to face the next few hours of toddler crap until it is finally bed time! I can't be the only one can I?? :)

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