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Blogging does make me some money. There! I have said it! Something that seems to have so much taboo surrounding it is finally on paper (well screen) on my blog. I do make some money from blogging. The reason I am emphasising the some is because it is not a lot. Some bloggers can make blogging their full time job and main source of income (massive pipe dream of mine right there) but for me it brings in enough for a few treats every now and again which is lovely. The reason I am telling you this is because as with any income, this blogging income is taxable. Being self employed and dealing with tax is something that I had NO clue about until I started making a bit of money from my blog so when I was contacted and asked if I wanted to review a new service to help people with their tax returns I jumped at the chance!!
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SimpleTax is exactly what it says. A simple way to do you tax. Their system and app helps you get your tax return done properly in the easiest way. They have three levels of service on offer with prices ranging from just £12.50 per tax year and they can help with all aspects of taxation from self employment and partnerships to capital gains tax. One thing I really love about this service is that you can try it for 14 days with no hidden costs or nasty surprises. It also has a fantastic support network if you ever get stuck. There is a search facility to search for most common questions and if that doesn't solve it then you can leave a message for one of the team to come back to you as soon as they can. Simple!


gosimpletax, gosimpletax logo, tax, tax returns, simple tax, tax zen,
The SimpleTax service that I sampled was for my own tax return and for someone who is a complete tax novice this service was simple! You can add income with the click of a button and it very helpfully gives you a whole load of categories that the income can fall into such as tips or sales. You can add reminders to the income to allow you to check if invoices have been paid or if there is anything else you want to check. The expenses works on the same principle and gives you a helpful list for what each expense comes under. As you are keying in all of your figures the system gives you 'Tax Due' figure that updates real-time as you are adding in data. In addition to ALL that, you can look after more than one set of accounts. So if you are self employed and also have property income that you want to track, this is the service for you!

You can access the SimpleTax service in three different ways. Logging in to their website, a downloadable software that allows you to just click into it from your desktop and an app. I really liked all three of the options as they were all so simple to use and designed in a really clean and sleek way but the app was my favourite option. I love that it is so easy to add things when you are on the go. Get an invoice paid whilst your out and about? No problem, just add it straight onto the app so you don't have loads of invoices and receipts to trawl through at a later date. It's brilliant and as the name says, so simple!!

gosimpletax, gosimpletax logo, tax, tax returns, simple tax, tax zen,

This service is honestly fantastic. The different levels of service and price plans means that this service can literally help everyone. You can manage it in the way that is best for you and in the way that you want to with their app or software. I would seriously recommend checking out SimpleTax here if you need t do any tax returns as this makes it so simple!

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