When did my baby become a little boy?? | Blog

Pickle was born in September 2014. That makes him 32 months old...almost 3 years old and recently I have really seen it! I look back at pictures and videos from this time last year and pickle looks like my baby. He was babbling and toddling around. Now he is like a full on little boy! He runs everywhere, finds farts funny and loves cars and trucks. Where on earth did my baby go??

I look at pickle sometimes and I just can't believe how grown up he is. The way he is putting sentences together...the way he askes ''What's that?'' or ''What you doing?'' at every opportunity...the way he tries to copy hubby when is he training the puppy...the way he wants to run and jump and climb everywhere...it's like all of a sudden he has just grown up and become such a little boy.


Things you ACTUALLY need for the gym | Blog

In November 2016 we joined a gym and 6 months on I am loving it!!! Hubby and I both go but we have to go separately due to one of us needing to stay at home with pickle but I go to the gym twice a week, to classes twice a week and then we all go swimming as a family at the weekend. I honestly love going to the gym and it has helped me not only loose weight but to get so much fitter! When I joined I could barely run for one song but now I can run for 4km without stopping!! It's a huge thing for me but when I started the gym, I am not going to lie...it was daunting. I ''thought'' I had kitted myself out with everything I needed for the gym but in reality I actually just had a load of stuff that I never actually used so I thought I would share with you the things you actually need if you want to go to the gym.


A home of memories | Blog

My Nan's house is such a special place to me and if I really think about it, it's not the house that is special to me...it's what it holds. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house (not the one they have now) and have very vivid memories of my time there. I remember my Brissy's study and his desk where we used to play office. I remember the rug that my nan had by the fire place that had tassels all around the edge. I remember the little bath oil balls in the shell bowl in my nans bathroom. All such small memories but ones that mean so much to me.

Recently I went to visit my Nan and I found that she still has so many of the things that she had when I was younger and that I remember and associate with her. The more I thought about it, the more I realised how small and menial these things were but how important they were to me. Take for example this mug...

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How to use Zoflora | Blog

If you haven't heard about Zoflora recently then where have you been? Zoflora is a highly scented, concentrated disinfectant that has been around for years but recently it has become extremely popular! I'm not sure why Zoflora has come back into the lime light again but I am LOVING it!!! I use it to clean pretty much everything and it leaves my house smelling amazing! Since getting our puppy last month I have always been so worried about our house smelling like dog but with Zoflora I really don't have to worry. I actually reviewed some Zoflora a while ago and whilst I thought it was good I don't think I understood it's full potential and how versatile it really is. So, I thought I would post about all the different ways that I use Zoflora for anyone that hasn't used it before or isn't sure what to do with it.

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Goodbye My Mummy Spam | Blog

Well hello there!
The more observant among you may have noticed that something quite major has happened recently... my blog name has changed!! I have said goodbye to My Mummy Spam and I am now Through Ami's Eyes. It's a huge change for me and something that I am still getting used to. My blog content is still the same and I will still be writing the same way as before but I just felt that the time was right for a change.
I started My Mummy Spam in April 2015. Pickle was called Bubba and was a little 5 month old dot