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If you haven't heard about Zoflora recently then where have you been? Zoflora is a highly scented, concentrated disinfectant that has been around for years but recently it has become extremely popular! I'm not sure why Zoflora has come back into the lime light again but I am LOVING it!!! I use it to clean pretty much everything and it leaves my house smelling amazing! Since getting our puppy last month I have always been so worried about our house smelling like dog but with Zoflora I really don't have to worry. I actually reviewed some Zoflora a while ago and whilst I thought it was good I don't think I understood it's full potential and how versatile it really is. So, I thought I would post about all the different ways that I use Zoflora for anyone that hasn't used it before or isn't sure what to do with it.

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1. Disinfecting your sink.
This one is quite simple but I love it. I think it's because my sink is stainless steel and Zoflora makes stainless steel sparkle but you could do this on any sink. To disinfect the sink I just fill it up half way with hot water and then add in 2 capfuls of Zoflora. Wash the sink down and leave the mixture in the sink over night. Not only will this disinfect your sink, it will leave your kitchen smelling amazing.

2. Cleaning taps and draining board.
Same as the last point...I love how sparkly this leaves my taps and draining board. To clean them I get an empty spray bottle and make up a bottle of 1:40 Zoflora to water and spray the taps and draining board and leave for a couple of minutes. Then I grab some kitchen towel and wipe away the mixture. To make it super sparkly, once I've cleaned them down, I grab another bit of kitchen towel and use it to really dry the areas and buff them. Sparkling perfection!!

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3. Cleaning the floor.
I use Zoflora to clean my floors as not only does it disinfect them, it makes them smell amazing afterwards. The smell really lasts as well. I have a steam cleaner so I add a couple of drops into the water tank (literally just a couple as it is so strong) and clean away.

4. On the Radiators.
This may sound strange but trust me it works!! I take my spray bottle of diluted Zoflora and spray it on my rads and across the top of them. Then I wipe off the excess and leave. Once the radiators come on it fills the room with whatever scent you have used and it is amazing!! I love a good smelling room.

5. Cleaning your hob.
If your like me and you have a stainless steel hob then you will know how hard it is to keep it really clean. I always end up with smudges or smears all over it. Zoflora has solved that problem for me. I clean the hob down with hot soapy water and then once its clean spray it with diluted Zoflora. Then it's time to grab some kitchen roll and buff, buff, buff!! It can be hard work but it leave the hob sparkling!!
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Zoflora, Zoflora uses, how to use Zoflora, zoflora addict, cleaning,

6. Disinfecting your bins.
If your bin is anything like mine then it is constantly filled with poopy nappies and yogurt pots and goodness knows what else. To make the bin smell nice and fresh and to kill off any nasty germs just grab a diluted spray bottle of Zoflora and spray all over the bin. Wipe down and your bin will be smelling lush and totally disinfected. Win Win!!

7. Spray Dog Beds/Furniture.
As I've already said, I hate it when things don't smell nice so I use my diluted bottle of Zoflora to spray our dogs bed (when she isn't in it obviously!!), our curtains, the sofa, the rug...basically any soft furnishing. As the mixture is diluted it doesn't do any harm to the furniture and it gets rid of any nasty lingering smells or germs.

8. Spray in the car.
Same as above really on this one. Zoflora isn't just for the house so I thought I would take it to the car to freshen up the interior. As with my furniture, I spray this over the seats and the flooring and leave it. Then I spray the dashboard and doors ect, wipe them down and am left with a lush smelling car.

9. In the iron.
Sounds like a weird one but don't knock it until you've tried it. Pop a couple of drops of Zoflora into your ironing water and your clothes will smell amazing!

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10. Clean your fridge.
I used Zoflora to clean my fridge for the first time recently and I love it! I cleaned the fridge down with hot soapy water (as I hadn't done it in ages and it was filthy) and once it was clean sprayed it with my diluted Zoflora and wiped clean. My fridge is now sparkling clean and smells so good!!!

I honestly love this stuff! This isn't a sponsored post and I brought this stuff off my own back but seriously love it so had to share!! Any ways that you use Zoflora that I've missed off the list? Let me know in the comments.

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