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In November 2016 we joined a gym and 6 months on I am loving it!!! Hubby and I both go but we have to go separately due to one of us needing to stay at home with pickle but I go to the gym twice a week, to classes twice a week and then we all go swimming as a family at the weekend. I honestly love going to the gym and it has helped me not only loose weight but to get so much fitter! When I joined I could barely run for one song but now I can run for 4km without stopping!! It's a huge thing for me but when I started the gym, I am not going to lie...it was daunting. I ''thought'' I had kitted myself out with everything I needed for the gym but in reality I actually just had a load of stuff that I never actually used so I thought I would share with you the things you actually need if you want to go to the gym.

1. An easy to drink from water bottle.
Might sound like a strange one but you really do need a bottle that is easy to drink from. I have been through 3 drinks bottles until I have found one that is right. First one used to be really hard to get any water from and would end up with me sucking so hard that the lid would shut and trap my lip!! The second one was some weird pouch type thing which was such a pain to hold. I finally found a really simple, normal sports bottle that is perfect and does the job. Make sure you get a decent bottle as you will be drinking at least a bottle each time you are doing a session.

2. Wireless head phones.
Before we started at the gym I brought a waist band thing that you could put your phone and your water into whilst you ran. It was a pain in the bum and I only wore it once. I then tired out one that you wear around your arm and found that I kept getting the headphone wires tangled and it was another pain in the bum. Hubby then brought us some wireless head phones and I have never looked back. They are fantastic for running and there are no wires to get in the way and the ones that we have seem to have a really good battery life. We got these ones from Tesco's and I didn't think thy were that expensive for how good they are.

3. Good fitting gym clothes.

This is so important!! You want to find clothes that you feel good in and that fit you properly. When I first started at the gym I got a couple of pairs of leggings that looked fine when I tried them on but when I ran it turned out they were too big kept falling down. There is nothing worse than having to pull your trousers up every 10 seconds when you are running. There are so many different places you can get gym clothes from now days but one place that I really love is a company that is actually run by the famous Kate Hudson called Fabletics. They do such a huge range and some gorgeous designs.

4. A Fit Bit.
Hubby brought me a fit bit for my birthday and it has helped me with the gym so much. It tracks my exercise, how many calories I've burnt and my heart rate which is the thing I love the most. It's been amazing to see how my cardio has improved. They may be a bit expensive but they are worth it in my opinion.

5. Decent Trainers.
Now, by this I don't mean a designer pair. I mean a pair that will support you and give you the cushion that you need. Quite a few sports shops now have machines that you can stand on and they will read where the pressure points are in your feet. The store can then recommend the best type of trainer for your personal need. I ended up getting a pair that were around£30 but have never given me any problems and have always been so comfortable. I would definitely recommend getting your feet measured before starting a gym to make sure you have the best trainers for you.

So there you have it...my top things that you actually need at the gym. Hopefully this helps some of you and will save you buying stuff that you won' actually need or use. Anything you think I've missed out or that you think is essential? Let me know in the comments.

Note: this is a collaborative post

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