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Pickle was born in September 2014. That makes him 32 months old...almost 3 years old and recently I have really seen it! I look back at pictures and videos from this time last year and pickle looks like my baby. He was babbling and toddling around. Now he is like a full on little boy! He runs everywhere, finds farts funny and loves cars and trucks. Where on earth did my baby go??

I look at pickle sometimes and I just can't believe how grown up he is. The way he is putting sentences together...the way he askes ''What's that?'' or ''What you doing?'' at every opportunity...the way he tries to copy hubby when is he training the puppy...the way he wants to run and jump and climb everywhere...it's like all of a sudden he has just grown up and become such a little boy.

Gone are the days where my little baby liked to sit and play with activity balls and little peg puzzles. He now wants to play with cars or play with play doh or do cooking with me. He wants to join in with everything we do but then again he wants to be so independent and do everything himself even if he knows he can't do it.

There are still some moments though when I get my little baby back. Every night I get to sit on his bed whilst he lays in my arms and listens to a story. I get to look into his sleep eyes like I used to when he was a tiny baby and I am taken right back. In that moment he isn't a rambunctious, crazy, cheeky little boy. He is my baby and I will treasure those moments as I know they won't last forever.

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