Celebrating with Disney Party | Review

Everyone out there by now knows that we are a pretty Disney mad family... well actually I think the truth is that I am Disney mad and I have just dragged hubby and pickle along for the ride but any which way round you want to see it, we love Disney. It was hubbys birthday last month and I knew I wanted to throw a BBQ bash for him as he does so much for us so I wanted him to feel special. Luckily, Disney Party were on hand to help me throw the perfect party for hubs.

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A week of bliss! | Blog

Well hello out there!!! Anyone clicked that it's been a little quite on the old blog for a couple of weeks? Well that is because I was off on my holibobs and didn't want to think about anything bloggy or social media related. I needed a break away from everything to get my passion back and it most definitely worked!! So here I am..back with a renewed love for my little blog and with so many things to share with you.

In this post I want to focus on the wonderful week that we spent in Palmanova, Mallorca. I'm not going to lie...before we left I was a bit tentative as it was pickles first time on a plane and his first sunny holiday. His first and only other holiday was to Disneyland which is a very different type of holiday so I didn't know how he was going to cope with the travelling and the heat. I needn't have worried though as he adapted amazingly.

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Why I chose the pill | Blog

In about Febuary 2016 I finally got round to getting my contraception sorted out. Pickle was 1 and a half and we were still relying on the good old "don't be silly, cover your willy" technique and for us it just wasn't what we wanted anymore. I  had been on the pill for ages before having pickle but was worried I'd forget to take it and I knew I didn't want the implant as I didn't like the idea of having something in my arm so off I trotted to the nurse for some advice.

Before I get into my choices and what I did I just want to say that I think that contraception is a hugely personal choice. What works for one woman may not work with another and everyone has their own reasons for what they like and don't like. This post isn't to push my views on what I think is right but to share with anyone who wants to read it what my experiences are and what works for me. 


To my friend who isn't a friend anymore | Blog

To my friend who I thought was my friend...

Do you know that I was so pleased to bump into you the other day as I haven't seen you in a long time?

Did you know that I was really hoping you ask me to sit with you so I wouldn't have to sit on my own?
You know that like any other person I would never have asked to sit with you right?

Do you realise I ate lunch on my own that day feeling like the new girl in school again?

Did you know that all I could hear in my head was that bit from mean girls when they say "you can't sit with us!'

Did you know that I spent the whole time I was out thinking about if I should message you or if I should just blatantly come and ask you what was wrong?

Do you remember how much I hate confrontations though?

Do you realise that you hardly spoke to me...you spoke to me more through my child?

Do you realise that your child spoke to me more than you did?

Do you remember that we used to be best friends... we knew everything about each other and considered each others feelings?

Do you realise that I would never have left you to be on your own..I would have invited you to sit with me?

Did I do something to upset you? 
Have I hurt you? 
Do you just basically not like me anymore?

If that's the case then that's fine as I wouldn't ever want to force anyone to like me.

Just please... next time you decide you don't want to be friends with someone anymore give them a hint. Stop replying to their messages, stop speaking to them or liking their posts on social media, don't be their friend as when they see you in real life and want to speak to you and be your friend, it hurts when they realise you don't want the same.


The girl who thought she was your friend.


Voting..because I should! | Blog

I would class myself as a relatively educated person. I am not stupid (although some may disagree!!haha!). I may lack some common sense but I am pretty 'book smart' as it is put. So why is it that today, on the day when we vote for who will be running our country, do I feel so stupid. It all boils down to the fact that I have NO clue who to vote for.

I've read all the manifestos, I've done numerous online quizzes, I've spoken to friends and family but I am still none the wiser. I agree with parts from all different parties manifestos and disagree with others. I can confidently say that there is no one party that I can confidently say I agree with 100%. Is that normal? Do most people feel like that? All of the people who I see on my social media who are campaigning for certain parties... surely they must agree with a parties policies 100% or they wouldn't be campaigning so hard right? I don't know the answer to any of these but I feel like without knowing that what I am voting for is 100% the right thing for me to do then I can't vote BUT I will still vote because I know I should.


Thinking of getting a Puppy? Read this! | Blog

Before we got our little Cockapoo Puppy Maisie I had an idea in my head of what having a puppy would be like. I had visions of use taking pickle out on his trike whilst Maisie trotted along happily next to us, I imagined evening snuggled up with my gorgeous little puppy on my lap and I could see pickle happily playing catch with her and the two of them running around the garden together. I remember before we brought Maisie home telling people all the things I saw us doing with our new addition and so many people laughed:

''Why are you getting a puppy!!''
''You are crazy''
''It will destroy your house''
''It will be like having a newborn all over again''

A puppy will basically destroy your life!!!!

Well maybe that last bit is a bit of an over exaggeration but it felt like that was what people were trying to say. I shrugged them all off and ignored what people said, focusing on all the happiness this little puppy was going to bring into our family.


A life without blogging is no life at all! | Blog

You probably haven't noticed but since my rebrand I have blogged 3 times... 3 little teeney tiny blog posts and at the time I didn't regret it and was happy. I was living my life in the moment, not dealing with pressures of making sure I blogged each night or took certain pictures when I was out. It was actually quite liberating. I also (quite childishly I think) had a bit of a mind set of "well no one reads my blog anyway so why should I bother?". I don't think it helped that my rebrand has caused my Facebook followers to plummet from over 800 to not even 100 (bladdy Facebook made me start a new page) and my YouTube channel still isn't right. Both of those were making me feel a bit deflated and demotivated but after almost 3 weeks of not writing I now fully understand why I bother. I do it because I bloody love writing!!!