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You probably haven't noticed but since my rebrand I have blogged 3 times... 3 little teeney tiny blog posts and at the time I didn't regret it and was happy. I was living my life in the moment, not dealing with pressures of making sure I blogged each night or took certain pictures when I was out. It was actually quite liberating. I also (quite childishly I think) had a bit of a mind set of "well no one reads my blog anyway so why should I bother?". I don't think it helped that my rebrand has caused my Facebook followers to plummet from over 800 to not even 100 (bladdy Facebook made me start a new page) and my YouTube channel still isn't right. Both of those were making me feel a bit deflated and demotivated but after almost 3 weeks of not writing I now fully understand why I bother. I do it because I bloody love writing!!!

The past couple of days I felt a bit sad and like something's been missing. I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I have a wonderful husband, son and family and lovely friends. Work was fine. We've got a holiday coming up in a couple of weeks... what could possibly be making me feel sad? Then it hit me. I wanted to write and I missed my blog. Suddenly I had all these thoughts about posts and things I wanted to write AND I had the motivation to do it! My blogging mojo was back and it made me so freeking happy.

So lists have been made, blog posts have been written and I am back! I have come back with the mindset of not worrying about figures and DA and followers as I just need to write and get all this stuff that's in my head into written word.

It feels so good to be home :)

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