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The way we entertain ourselves has changed so much in my life time. 20 years ago when I was 8 entertainment seemed so much more simplistic and required a bit of patience and creativity. Now entertainment is at our finger tips 24/7 and pickles means of entertainment could not be more different than my childhood experience. Sound a bit rambley? Yeah I think so too... let me explain what I mean.

So when I was a child entertainment for me would be toys, colouring and crafts or board games. If I wanted to play a board game then it wasn't like I could hook up to the wifi and play monopoly with someone in another time zone. I had to find an actual person who had the time to sit and play the game with me. Now days you don't need to find anyone. All of the classic board games are online or on an app so you can just jump on and play. There is no need to wait for your mum to finish cooking dinner or for your brother to want to play the game with you. The need to wait and to speak to an actual person has gone.

Online gaming seems to have taken over the way we now entertain ourselves. When I was growing up the extent of my online gaming was a good old game of Bamboozled on teletext or (as I got older) the classic that was Beehive Bedlum on sky games. Now you don't even need to go to the bingo hall to play bingo anymore. Online gaming has become a huge thing with people using bingo online, poker online and playing pretty much every single new game that comes out for the newest console online too like call of duty. The online gambling and gaming community does seem to get quite a bit of stick as people feel that it encourages people to be frivolous with gambling and offers an anonymity with gaming that can cause bullying and trolling but to me I think it's something we need to embrace and move with.

Don't get me wrong, gambling should 100% be done responsibly and trolling and online bullying is NEVER okay but online gaming and entertainment is the way of the world now and I am happy for my son to partake as long as I am keeping watching and helping protect him. I want to give pickle the best of both worlds. I will happily let him play games on his iPad but we still play board games together as a family. As he gets older I know he will probably prefer to play online without me but for now I will enjoy having the best of both world and spend my time reminiscing about good old days of Bamboozled :)

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