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Before we got our little Cockapoo Puppy Maisie I had an idea in my head of what having a puppy would be like. I had visions of use taking pickle out on his trike whilst Maisie trotted along happily next to us, I imagined evening snuggled up with my gorgeous little puppy on my lap and I could see pickle happily playing catch with her and the two of them running around the garden together. I remember before we brought Maisie home telling people all the things I saw us doing with our new addition and so many people laughed:

''Why are you getting a puppy!!''
''You are crazy''
''It will destroy your house''
''It will be like having a newborn all over again''

A puppy will basically destroy your life!!!!

Well maybe that last bit is a bit of an over exaggeration but it felt like that was what people were trying to say. I shrugged them all off and ignored what people said, focusing on all the happiness this little puppy was going to bring into our family.

3 months on...I can say she does bring us a huge amount of happiness but it is most definitely NOT what I imagined so I wanted to share with you the reality of having a puppy so you can be prepared if you are thinking of taking the leap and getting one!

1. Puppy will not walk happily along beside you when you go for walks.
They will want to stop and sniff every single little thing. They will want to stop walking at the most inconvenient of moments. They will get scared of the cars. Basically, taking a puppy out for walks is bloody hard work so I would suggest doing small walks at first with lots of treats and praise and DON'T take an inpatient 2 year old with you who just wants to get to the park like some muggings did!

2. When puppies are really small they will happily sit and cuddle on your lap, well Maisie did. But as she has got older she doesn't want to cuddle anymore. If she is on your lap she wants to play or chew your jumper or sock or your hand. The only time she lays still is when she is asleep and even then she still ends up fidgeting like crazy so good luck getting those sweet cuddles you will be imagining.

3. Your puppy will chew! It doesn't matter what you try to do. We tired discipline techniques, no biting sprays, distracting her with chew toys...she has still pulled the carpet up on our stairs and chewed through the surround sound wire. All I can suggest is to puppy proof your house as much as possible. Puppy proofing is like when you baby proof the house but just 100x more thorough as your puppy with find EVERYTHING!!

4. Toilet training is frustrating and hard sometimes but the hard work does pay off. We managed to toilet train Maisie within 2 weeks. I was hard work and we did have to take her out into the garden every hour during the day at the beginning no matter what the weather but it does pay off. What I didn't expect though was for her to still have the occasional accident. She only has accidents on the mat near the back door now as I think she is waiting for us to let her out but we don't know she is there/don't get there quick enough so we can't be too mad at her but it is definitely an ongoing process.

5. They are like having a newborn baby. They cry, they poop, they pull weird faces, they do horrendous smelling farts BUT they also bring so much love and happiness into a family. Pickle absolutely adores her and loves playing with her and cuddling her and for me, seeing that is worth all the hard stuff. She bring a happiness to our house that is different and new and as hard as it's been and can be I wouldn't change her for the world (even if I do threaten to send her to the sausage factory on a weekly basis!!).

So there you have it. The honest reality of getting a puppy. If your thinking of bringing a puppy into your life then I would say DO IT but just be prepared for the work!

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