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To my friend who I thought was my friend...

Do you know that I was so pleased to bump into you the other day as I haven't seen you in a long time?

Did you know that I was really hoping you ask me to sit with you so I wouldn't have to sit on my own?
You know that like any other person I would never have asked to sit with you right?

Do you realise I ate lunch on my own that day feeling like the new girl in school again?

Did you know that all I could hear in my head was that bit from mean girls when they say "you can't sit with us!'

Did you know that I spent the whole time I was out thinking about if I should message you or if I should just blatantly come and ask you what was wrong?

Do you remember how much I hate confrontations though?

Do you realise that you hardly spoke to me...you spoke to me more through my child?

Do you realise that your child spoke to me more than you did?

Do you remember that we used to be best friends... we knew everything about each other and considered each others feelings?

Do you realise that I would never have left you to be on your own..I would have invited you to sit with me?

Did I do something to upset you? 
Have I hurt you? 
Do you just basically not like me anymore?

If that's the case then that's fine as I wouldn't ever want to force anyone to like me.

Just please... next time you decide you don't want to be friends with someone anymore give them a hint. Stop replying to their messages, stop speaking to them or liking their posts on social media, don't be their friend as when they see you in real life and want to speak to you and be your friend, it hurts when they realise you don't want the same.


The girl who thought she was your friend.

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