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I would class myself as a relatively educated person. I am not stupid (although some may disagree!!haha!). I may lack some common sense but I am pretty 'book smart' as it is put. So why is it that today, on the day when we vote for who will be running our country, do I feel so stupid. It all boils down to the fact that I have NO clue who to vote for.

I've read all the manifestos, I've done numerous online quizzes, I've spoken to friends and family but I am still none the wiser. I agree with parts from all different parties manifestos and disagree with others. I can confidently say that there is no one party that I can confidently say I agree with 100%. Is that normal? Do most people feel like that? All of the people who I see on my social media who are campaigning for certain parties... surely they must agree with a parties policies 100% or they wouldn't be campaigning so hard right? I don't know the answer to any of these but I feel like without knowing that what I am voting for is 100% the right thing for me to do then I can't vote BUT I will still vote because I know I should.

Before I had Pickle I didn't vote. Shameful I know but I felt I didn't understand enough about the election to warrant voting. I then voted in the last election and felt confident in my vote. Same as with the EU referendum. I voted and I felt confident and sure in my vote. This time though I feel that I am voting for a party because they are safe. They won't get in, I agree with most of their policies and they feel like the safest best. I think that if I didn't know and understand all the hardship that came from the suffragettes all those years ago then I wouldn't vote as I have no clear cut decision . BUT I cannot NOT vote as if I didn't then all of those women who were chained, beaten, thrown in prion would have fought for nothing. Everyone needs to vote! Even if you aren't 100% certain, just go with your gut. Do what you can say was the right thing for you in that moment. Whatever you do, don't let your vote go to waste.

So today I don't vote because I want to. I vote because I have to. Will we as a country vote for the right thing... only time will tell.

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