Holiday Style for Hubby with Jacamo | Review

As you will probably know if you read my blog or look at any of my social media accounts, we have just come back from a wonderful holiday to Mallorca. I don't know about you but hubby is the worst when it comes to making sure he has everything he needs for holiday. I'm pretty sure men just think that they can take 2 pairs of swimming shorts and a couple of t-shirts and they will be set for the week. I wanted us to go out for a couple of nice meals whilst we were away and wanted something nicer for him to wear than his normal scruffy shorts and tee so when I was contacted asking if I wanted to review some clothes for hubby I jumped at the chance.

Before I talk about the clothes I want to talk about the brand. Jacamo was the company that offered to send hubby some bits and the first thing that came into my head was ''will they do things that fit him?''. Now that may be an awful stereotype but I honestly thought that Jacamo was only for larger men. Hubby is what I was call average, he has a bit of a daddy belly but isn't large by any means and I really didn't think I would find anything to fit him but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked through their website and found that they actually cater for all different sizes. I ordered hubby 2 pairs of shorts and 2 polo shirts for our holiday and waited with excited anticipation for them to be delivered.

 I hadn't told hubby what I had ordered him and who from so when they came through he had no idea what to expect. When he opened the package and saw the name I could see on his face that he was hesitant about what I had got him and where it was from but that expression didn't last for long. He loved what I had ordered for him and liked them even more when he tried them on. He couldn't believe how soft the polo shirts where and he loved the fit of the shorts.

Whilst we were away he loved wearing the two outfits and even let me take some pictures of him looking all handsome.

Thanks so much to Jacamo for sending these to us and for breaking the stigma that we had with Jacamo. It really is for everyone!

Note: we were sent these items for review but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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