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As you must know by now by all of the holiday spam on my blog and Instagram, we have recently come back from a holiday to Mallorca. This was pickles first time on an airplane and as he is going to be 3 in September I was gearing up for a tough time on the plane. I was expecting him to get bored and agitated at being in a small chair for over 2 hours so I did quite a bit of planning and prep before hand on how I could make the journey as stress free for all of us as possible and IT WORKED!!!
Pickle was so well behaved and entertained for the entire flight which made the journey as pleasant as possible for hubby and I and all the people around us so I thought I would share with you my top tips for flying with a toddler!

1. Get an iPad filled with games and their favourite shows and some headphones.

The iPad was a god send for us during our flight. Pickle was happy as Larry playing different games such as the Disney Junior app and the kiddloland app and when he got bored of that we were able to pop on an episode of Paw Patrol or Thomas whilst he had a snack. It kept him entertained and he could even have it on during take off and landing which was brilliant!!

2. Snacks.

Snacks for pickle were a must and I took a mixture of treats and health snacks for him to munch on during the flight. I packed things that I knew wouldn't melt and also that wouldn't get pickle all messy so he had some fruit pouches, raisins, apple crisps and then a couple of lolly pops for take off and landing to help with his ears.

3. A comforter.

Flying on a plane for the first time is exciting for little ones but it can also be a little bit daunting. Pickle took his beloved Pluto on the plane with him and it helped if he got a bit agitated at any point as we would just make Pluto do whatever it was pickle was getting funny about doing (like putting on his seat belt for example).

4. A decent hand luggage bag for your little one. 

It important that you take a bag that is easy enough to open and close and I guarantee you that the bambio will want everything out of it and you will have to keep tidying things away for space. We took a tunki for pickle which was amazing as not only did it have loads of space and was super easy to access, pickle could ride on it at the airport! BONUS! We also let pickle help pack his bag as it mean he could put in toys and stickers that he wanted and that were familiar to him.

5. A couple of new treats.

Pickle loves blind bags and surprise eggs at the moment so before we went I spent less than £10 grabbing a few Thomas blind bags, a couple of mashems and a couple of peppa pig surprise eggs. I hid them from pickle and so when he got a bit fidgety and bored I could whip out a bag or egg and he instantly stopped fidgeting and was focused on opening and playing with whatever the got in the bag.

So there you have it. Simple, yet effective ideas to make flying with a toddler as pain free as possible. If all of this fails then the only solution I can offer is to drink wine and leave your partner to deal with the toddler :)

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