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Recently Pickle fell over at the park. It wasn't just a little trip...it was a full on fall on the floor without putting his hands down to stop him. In that second that I saw his feet fumble underneath him it was like time stood still. I was too far away to catch him and I could see that he wasn't going to save himself so I had no choice but to watch him fall. I had visions of blood and tears but he bounced. He literally bounced!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. He fell, bounced and rolled then stood up and carried on to the steps of the slide. For a moment I couldn't work out why he had come away totally unscathed from his fall. Then it dawned on me...the bright, colourful flooring that surrounded all of the equipment in the park wasn't just there to look pretty. It was impact safety flooring and it was the reason that pickle bounced.

I had never really thought about the flooring in parks before but I know they are always nice and bouncy under my feet but I never really thought about the job that these surfaces do. Yes they are bright and colourful and make the parks look child friendly but these top quality surfaces are so much more than that. Think about if a child fell from the top of a climbing frame onto concrete. The thought horrifies me. Now think about if they fell onto a rubber safety floor. Yes it would still hurt but it wouldn't hurt anywhere near as much as falling onto concrete would.

The purpose of this post (aside from advertising a soft surface company..a girls gotta eat ya know!!) is just to say thank you. Thank you to the soft surface designers, park design people and councils for making our parks safe and protecting our little ones. I didn't realise it until pickle fell but you have been protecting our children without us parents even really knowing and you deserve some thanks!

Note: this is a collaborative post

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