Camping in the Forest at Bracelands | Review

Sometimes life gets so busy and manic that it gets hard to spend quality time with your family. That has been our life recently although it hasn't been particularly busy, rather I haven't been able to do much after the toe breaking incident but I was still desperate for some real quality family time with Hubby and Pickle and thanks to Camping in the Forest we got it!
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Last weekend we packed up our car and headed off to the Forest of Dean near the Welsh border to try out one of Camping in the Forests camping pods at their Braceland campsite. I was so excited before we left and I couldn't wait to spend sometime just the three of us. After the 3 and a half hour car journey we arrived and I wasn't disappointed!

camping, forest of dean, camping in the forest, bracelands, pod, glamping, green, peaceful, nature, family, through amis eyes


Hooray!!! My child loves Disney as much as I do! | Blog

Recently Pickle has wanted to watch films. I don't know if it is something about hitting a certain age or if his concentration has suddenly got better but he actually looks through the DVDs and picks which one he wants to watch and then will actually sit and watch it. I find it wonderful as sometimes there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa to watch a film...especially if that film is a Disney film. Luckily for me, Pickle seems to have got my Disney gene and he is falling in love with all of the films and I couldn't be happier.


My sons husband or wife? | Blog

Recently I was chatting away about goodness knows what when I started to talk about pickle getting older and I said:

'...when he's married and he has a husband or wife...'

It just flowed off my tongue and I didn't give it a second thought. It felt natural to say that my son could either have a wife or a husband. In my eyes, as long as he is happy and with someone who treats him well then why should I be bothered if that person is a man, woman, transgender or a bloody 10 foot tall alien...it would not bother me one bit. Well the alien might but I am sure I would adjust eventually :)


The Potty Training Academy | Review

As you will probably know by now, we are in the throws of potty training with Pickle. He has taken to it really well this time after a couple of disastrous attempts before. I think that a couple of things have really made the difference this time around and helped us to crack it. Firstly, pickle was ready. He actually asked to wear pants and said he didn't want to wear nappies anymore. Previously we have always told him that we were going to try but this time we let him set the pace. Secondly, we were prepared. We had everything ready and it wasn't a mad rush to get pants and a potty and all the other things we needed. Hubby and I were prepared and I think this helped keep us calm and chilled when it started. Finally, I think that having a support pack really helped us and helped pickle understand exactly what was going on. Enter the amazing 'Potty Training Academy' from Cheeky Rascals.

This pack comes with everything you will ever need to tackle potty training in one box. When I first received the box I was a bit sceptical as I wasn't sure how much it was actually going to help but it is honestly amazing!


Potty Training Diaries Episode 2

Welcome back to the next instalment of the Potty Training Diaries. As the first three days were filled with some much I thought it best to share them first. This post looks at the next few days of our potty training journey and what we experienced along the way. Enjoy!!

Tuesday 8th August

Today has not been a good day. I was so optimistic yesterday as we had such a good day and pickle woke up and was excited telling me all about getting a sticker and washing his hands when he did a yellow wee wee but my optimism didn't last for long. We came down stairs and pickle was running around with the dog whilst I did our breakfast when he suddenly stopped and said ''Quick quick mummy bum bum' but it was too late as he was weeing as he told me. So I cleared it up and just reiterated to him that he has to tell mummy when he needs a wee wee and he said okay. A couple of hours later we had a wee on the potty which I was super happy about but then about an hour after that he wet himself on the sofa. By this point I honestly felt so deflated and desperate! I just didn't know what to do to help him understand. The day peaked at round 1pm when pickle decided to poo on the floor. I just felt so helpless and didn't know what I could do to help to help him with this. I know he can do it because he did the it day before and that is what I find so hard! I honestly felt like giving up at the point but I knew we couldn't.


Home | Blog

4 years ago today we became home owners. After what felt like forever but was actually just 3 months we finally had our keys and it was our house. I will never forget the excitement and pride that I felt when we got the call to say that everything had gone through and the house was ours. Well, it was actually the banks because we had a mortgage on it but I didn't care. We had the keys, we could decorated it, modify it and make it our own and I was on top of the world.

Fast forward 4 years and our house is now our home. I love where we live and I love our home. We have done so much to the house in the last 4 years. Our lounge was the first thing that we did when we moved in as it was pretty hideous! We went from having thick brown carpets and green wallpaper to having beautiful wooden floors and a colour scheme that I love. My lounge is one of my favourite room in the house as I feel we have really made it our own. I've filled it with copper and rose gold accessories whilst Hubby had built sideboards and put up mirrors.


Potty Training Diaries Episode 1

Potty training is something that I have wanted to do for a while but I have wanted pickle to be ready and haven't wanted to force him into it before he was ready. Lucky for us, pickle decided he was ready at the weekend and seeing as it is such a huge thing that all parents have to do I thought I would do a series of Potty Training diaries to not only allow me to see the progress but also to help anyone else out there that is doing it too. I don't know how many of these posts there will be, I suppose it depends how long it takes pickle to be dry but I hope you enjoy and it helps. 

Saturday 5th August. 

I can't quite believe it but Pickle has decided that he wants to start potty training. We tried it a couple of months ago and it just didn't work. He was wetting and not even saying anything until I had noticed and he had no real interest in using the potty so it all fell flat on it's face. But not this time! Pickle made the choice himself that he wanted to try. He woke up Saturday morning and I changed his nappy as usual. He then did a wee in his nappy pretty much straight away and wanted the nappy changed. As I didn't really fancy changing his bum every hour once he had done a wee, I asked him if he would rather wear his pants and he agreed. Hubby and I were both a bit sceptical as he had done this before but we figured we would just roll with it. We got his potty out, left it in the lounge and explained that if he needed a wee wee then he needed to tell us and sit on his potty. We then left him to play and got on with our morning.


Just because you breastfeed doesn't make you better than me! | Blog

All my news feed on Facebook seems to be about at the moment is breastfeeding.

'It's national breastfeeding week'

' Support world breastfeeding week' 

'Rude comments about breastfeeding mothers need to stop now!'

'Breastfeeding mothers have an ally in the Pope' 

All of them are really headlines I have just seen on my Facebook page (even the pope one) and do you know what? They all really piss me off!!

When did my toddler become a child?? | Blog

When I first started this blog in April 2015 Pickle was called Bubba as that was what he was. He was a little 9 month old baby who was chubby and dribbley and relied on me for everything. Fast forward 2 and half very short years and I don't even feel like my pickle is a toddler anymore. It's like I have blinked and suddenly he is a full blown little child and it makes my heart hurt. He no longer relies on me and needs me for the everyday things. He is an independent, walking, talking, running and questioning little person and I have no clue when it happened?!?


I've become a dog person!! | Blog

I have never really been a dog person. I don't know if it's because my Dad has quite bad asthma and dog allergies so we were never really around dogs growing up or if it was just because I have never really been into dog but what ever the case is I never expected to be where I am now. We brought our little cockapoo Maisie home 4 months ago and I can honestly say that she has changed me and I am now 100% a dog person!


Sicknote! | Blog

If you follow me on social media then you will already know that last week I broke my toe. It was pretty uneventful enough and in fact it was pretty damn stupid...I was cleaning the bathroom whilst pickle and the puppy were playing and Pickle called me. I spun round to see what was happening and as I did I smashed my foot against the sticky out part of our L shaped bath. The pain was pretty horrendous. I honestly thought I was going to pass out or be sick but thought I had just really badly bruised my foot. It was only when I looked down at my foot and saw that one toe was poking a different way to all the others that I realised I may have done a little more than just bruised it. Fast forward a couple of hours and a trip to A&E later and it turns out I had broken my toe and would be on crutches for a couple of days. I didn't think much more of it and thought after a few days of rest it would all be okay. I was sooooo wrong!!!!


Things I miss from the 90's | Blog

I was born in 1989 so even though I was born in the 80's I am most definitely a 90's child at heart. There is so much about the 90's that I remember and have great memories of. It felt like such a simpler time. No internet, no hundreds of channels on sky...we had to actually play and use our imagination. The 90's was certainly a very happy time for me and I thought I would share with you the 10 things I miss about the 90's.

1. Epic Barbie Houses. 

Image from Pintrest

I had a monster of a Barbie house when I was about 6 and I loved it! It came with everything that a real house would (if your house had a lift!) and it even came with little flannels and towels in the bathroom. I would spend hours setting my house up and then not actually playing with it because I thought that setting it up was more fun!