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4 years ago today we became home owners. After what felt like forever but was actually just 3 months we finally had our keys and it was our house. I will never forget the excitement and pride that I felt when we got the call to say that everything had gone through and the house was ours. Well, it was actually the banks because we had a mortgage on it but I didn't care. We had the keys, we could decorated it, modify it and make it our own and I was on top of the world.

Fast forward 4 years and our house is now our home. I love where we live and I love our home. We have done so much to the house in the last 4 years. Our lounge was the first thing that we did when we moved in as it was pretty hideous! We went from having thick brown carpets and green wallpaper to having beautiful wooden floors and a colour scheme that I love. My lounge is one of my favourite room in the house as I feel we have really made it our own. I've filled it with copper and rose gold accessories whilst Hubby had built sideboards and put up mirrors.

The other room in our house that I am in love with is our bathroom which is funny as 4 years ago it was the room I hated the most. When we moved in our bathroom was horrendous! It had a bright blue egg shell paint on the walls that the water just clung to, it was mouldy, had no storage and had a out of date off white, yellowing suite. The worst part of the room was that it had no heating! All it had was an electric storage heater behind the door which was great when you was in there and had turned it on but if you didn't plan when you wanted to pee and it was winter then you would go in and literally see your breath in front of your face. It was that cold! Last year Hubby renovated our bathroom and he did such an amazing job. We now have underfloor heating, a heated towel rail, gorgeous tiles, a waterfall shower and a huge bath that I could soak in for hours.

We have also renovated the garden which was a huge job but so worth it and obviously we decorated pickles room before he was born but that was just some paint so wasn't a huge job.

What I love about our home though isn't the walls or the floors or the furniture...I love what this home has been a part of. The last 4 years have been the biggest of our lives and I can't believe how much has happened within these walls. We found out that pickle was coming into our lives in our manky, egg sheel painted bathroom. I remember bringing pickle home and sitting in our lounge thinking what do we do now? I have spent hours sitting in pickles room rocking him in the glider on those nights where he just wouldn't sleep. Hubby and I have cooked so many romantic meals for each other in our kitchen. I have stood in my shower sobbing my heart out after loosing my grandparents. Our home has hosted so many moments of our lives and I wouldn't have wanted those moments to have been anywhere else.

So...245...thanks for the last 4 years. You've served us well and I can't want for the next couple of years. Next up...the kitchen :)

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