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Recently Pickle has wanted to watch films. I don't know if it is something about hitting a certain age or if his concentration has suddenly got better but he actually looks through the DVDs and picks which one he wants to watch and then will actually sit and watch it. I find it wonderful as sometimes there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa to watch a film...especially if that film is a Disney film. Luckily for me, Pickle seems to have got my Disney gene and he is falling in love with all of the films and I couldn't be happier.

It started with Pickle asking to watch Cars one day. I think it is because he has seen lot's of adverts for the Cars 3 film recently.  I thought we would put it on and he would watch the first 5 minutes then be bored, which is what normally happens but I was completely wrong. He sat and watched the entire thing. That was about three weeks ago and since then we have watched it at least 20 times. It's to the point now where he knows what's going to happen and tells you before it does. He is Cars obsessed at the moment and carries some of the little diecast cars around with him everywhere...even to bed. It is so cute and I think I love it so much because I feel that he is sharing my love of all things Disney.

And it wasn't just a fluke that he liked Cars. Since he has started watching films we've watched Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, The Lion King and Peter Pan. He loved them all and I was so bloody proud :) I'm getting him ready for when we go to Florida next year. I really hope he will continue to want to watch the films so that when we go away he will be excited to meet the characters unlike he was last year when we went (which means I will have an excuse to meet the characters too!).

I think we are even going to venture to the cinema with him to see the new Cars film in a few weeks when my foot is better. We have never taken him to the cinema before but I am hoping that because it is Cars he will happily sit through and watch the film. If not hubby will have to take him out so I can watch it :) Joking!!!

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