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All my news feed on Facebook seems to be about at the moment is breastfeeding.

'It's national breastfeeding week'

' Support world breastfeeding week' 

'Rude comments about breastfeeding mothers need to stop now!'

'Breastfeeding mothers have an ally in the Pope' 

All of them are really headlines I have just seen on my Facebook page (even the pope one) and do you know what? They all really piss me off!!

Yes breastfeeding is beautiful and natural and women should be allowed to do it whenever and wherever and for how ever long they choose to BUT what I don't agree with is the way that they are seen as superior as anyone who doesn't breastfeed.

If there is a nation breastfeeding week why is there not a nation bottle feeding week or a peg feeing week or a tube feeding week??? I know breastfeeding can be hard but surly mothers who breastfeed are doing what nature intending? They are doing one of the most natural things in the world. We don't celebrate having a period or having sex? They are totally natural things but we don't have a national week to celebrate them do we?

Now, this is not me slamming breastfeeding mothers in any way, shape or form. One of my best friends is breastfeeding her baby at the moment and I think it is amazing and wonderful. I even taught Pickle about it the other day when my friend was feeing her baby under a modesty blanket thingy and he was asking why the baby was hiding. I fully support women who want to breastfeed. I just don't understand why the media celebrate breastfeeding so much. It makes us other mums who haven't fed their baby that way feel like shit.

I didn't breastfeed pickle. I tired for a couple of hours after he was born but he was poorly and had to be taken to NICU so I didn't try anymore. When he came back to me he was so hungry that I just wanted to feed him, I didn't care that it wasn't from my breast at that point. All I wanted was to fill his little tummy. As was poorly, breastfeeding went straight to the back of my mind. All I wanted was for my baby to be okay. We started to bottle feed and I don't regret it at all! It meant that we could help him get better by monitoring how much milk he was having and then when we went home hubby was able to help with the night feeds. As pickle got older it meant hubby and I could go on date nights and attend things like funerals as other people were able to feed pickle. I still feel as bonded to pickle as my friends are with their breastfed babes and he is no different to those babies health wise either.

I am proud of my decision to bottle feed pickle. Hubby, my family and my friends all supported me when he was born. Everyone else around me though, made me feel like shit. Health visitors questioned why I didn't do it. Doctors in the hospital made me feel like I was neglecting my child by not trying. The media excluded me from joining in with any Facebook posts all about feeding my beautiful baby as it was a 'Brelfie' so only people who were breastfeeding could join in. I felt so unsupported by all the professional around me. They had a special breastfeeding support clinic at my local children's centre that gave support to women who were breastfeeding. Where was my bottle feeding support group that I could turn to when pickle has reflux and when I couldn't find a bottle that would work for him?? Where was my Facebook thread celebrating babies drinking from a bottle? It felt like breastfeeding Mamas were some kind of mother god and I was a lowly scumbag for using a bottle for my baby.

Just because I didn't breastfeed my baby I was made to feel like I was less of a mother and I was not! I still needed support and guidance and I still wanted to celebrate feeding my wonderful baby and
seeing him grow but as I didn't feed him the way that society seems best...no one cared.

So...to all the mothers out there who can't breastfeed or who don't want to...that is okay. You are an amazing mother no matter what way you choose to feed you child and you are no better or worse than those who breastfeed. The media and health professionals will make you feel that you are the WORST mother for not doing it but let it go over your head! A fed baby is a happy baby and that is what is important...that your baby is health and happy...not whether you have fed them through your breast or not.

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