Potty Training Diaries Episode 2

Welcome back to the next instalment of the Potty Training Diaries. As the first three days were filled with some much I thought it best to share them first. This post looks at the next few days of our potty training journey and what we experienced along the way. Enjoy!!

Tuesday 8th August

Today has not been a good day. I was so optimistic yesterday as we had such a good day and pickle woke up and was excited telling me all about getting a sticker and washing his hands when he did a yellow wee wee but my optimism didn't last for long. We came down stairs and pickle was running around with the dog whilst I did our breakfast when he suddenly stopped and said ''Quick quick mummy bum bum' but it was too late as he was weeing as he told me. So I cleared it up and just reiterated to him that he has to tell mummy when he needs a wee wee and he said okay. A couple of hours later we had a wee on the potty which I was super happy about but then about an hour after that he wet himself on the sofa. By this point I honestly felt so deflated and desperate! I just didn't know what to do to help him understand. The day peaked at round 1pm when pickle decided to poo on the floor. I just felt so helpless and didn't know what I could do to help to help him with this. I know he can do it because he did the it day before and that is what I find so hard! I honestly felt like giving up at the point but I knew we couldn't.

The day got better though as he managed to do another 2 wees in his potty and he seemed to get back on track. I am just classing it as a blip day and hoping that tomorrow is better although after todays performance I am not holding out much hope!!

Potty uses - 4
Accidents - 4 (including a poo on the floor)

Wednesday 9th August

I woke up this morning feeling pretty rubbish about the whole potty training thing. I was dreading today and was so pleased that Hubby had taken a day off work to stay at home and help me. Grateful wasn't the word!! My foot has been hurting so much where I am meant to be resting it but I end up spending my day going to and fro trying to help pick on the potty and keep him entertained. Yesterday I called hubby in tears at one point in the day because I was so fed up and felt so rubbish and he offered to take the day off and help me. He went round to his Mum's for a few hours to get pickle out the house and to give me some time to rest and get some me time which was really needed. I didn't realise how emotionally draining potty training could be! Whilst pickle was at his Nannys house though he did 2 wees on the potty but the poo was on the floor again. I'm just focusing on the fact that he did the 2 wees on the potty and trying to ignore the poos at the moment as it will all take time and will come. Overall it was quite a good day for pickle (which is typical as hubby was here!) so hopefully tomorrow it will continue.

Potty uses - 4
Accidents - 2 (including a poo on the floor AGAIN!)

Thursday 10th August. 

Another day...another try. I woke up feeling really down in the dumps this morning. I think it was mixture of Mum guilt, PMSing and my foot hurting but still...we have to carry on. This morning started well with a wee on the potty but then an hour later he did a massive wee on the floor. The hardest part of all of this is when I know he wants to have a poo but he just won't go. I've offered to let him wear a pull up so he can do his poo but he says no...I've even offered him a nappy but he won't have it. BUT today he pooed on the potty!!!! I may have had to have waited but he finally did it and I was so proud of him. Overall it was actually a really good day and he was asking to go :)

Potty uses - 4 (including a poo on the potty!!!!!!)
Accidents - 2

Friday 11th August

Today was always going to be an interesting one...we were going to be venturing out of the house.We were only going to the local park which is about a 2 minute walk away but it was still out. I had my wonderful friend coming over whose little girl has just recently potty trained so I knew I would have someone on hand and it's a good job I did!!! The day started well with Pickle asking to have a wee twice (he says Quick quick!) and then I we headed out. I know he needed a poo as he was holding his bum and to be fair to him he did sit on the potty a couple of times to try but he couldn't go. I actually said to my friend as we arrived at the park 'he's going to poo in his pants isn't he??' and he did. He stood at the top of the slide, froze and pooped. Well...that was an experience in itself and something that I felt I dealt with pretty well :)
Overall, it was a good day...no accidents apart from the poop thing but I'm happy with that!

Potty uses - 5
Accidents - 1 (poop at the park)

So there you have it...the end of our first week potty training and my goodness it was filled with so many ups and downs!! Lets hope next week carriers on as good as this one finished :)

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