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When I first started this blog in April 2015 Pickle was called Bubba as that was what he was. He was a little 9 month old baby who was chubby and dribbley and relied on me for everything. Fast forward 2 and half very short years and I don't even feel like my pickle is a toddler anymore. It's like I have blinked and suddenly he is a full blown little child and it makes my heart hurt. He no longer relies on me and needs me for the everyday things. He is an independent, walking, talking, running and questioning little person and I have no clue when it happened?!?

It feels like the line between being a baby and being a toddler is pretty defined even in the definition of the world toddler in itself. According to BabyCenter your baby becomes a toddler when they turn 1 year old. In my mind it would be when they start to walk and 'toddle' as the word 'toddler' points to but there is nothing that prepares us for when your toddler will turn into a child. It's like the line between toddler and child is so blurred and undefined that it just creeps up on you and then one day goes ''BLAMMMM!! YOU NOW HAVE A CHILD!''. I really wasn't ready when that happened to me.

One day Pickle was my toddler. He was saying words but a lot of what he said was still babble. He needed me to help him with getting toys out or if he wanted to reach something. He wouldn't have many opinions as such...he would wear whatever I picked out for him in the morning and wouldn't mind what we were doing or where we went. It was like he was starting to dip his toes into the waters of independence but he still needed me to help him swim. Now, he jumps in with both feet and swims away before I've even noticed. He chooses what he wants to wear, he gives suggestions of what we should do, he plays without any assistance and gets whatever toy he wants without needing me. The only thing he really needs me for now days is to cook him dinner (although he does make mean scrambled eggs and I'm pretty sure he'd cook them on his own if I'd let him!).

I asked some of my fellow parent bloggers when they felt their toddler had become a child and this was what they said:

Sarah from Champagne and Petals told me that she realised her child had become a toddler when 'they started to answer back! 3 years on it still continues'! Can't wait for that one :)

I already do what Jodie from Maidenhead Mum is doing although rather than spell we tend to abbreviate things . For example a surprise egg is a SE.
'When she started to quote what we were saying and we had to start spelling words out (let's go to the P-A-R-K after the shops otherwise we won't ever leave!) '

Lauren from Scrap Book Blog said she knew when her little one 'suddenly started answering back, and dropping the odd swear word in! Always in the right context which was impressive but we're having to be very careful about what we say around her these days!' And that , my friends, is why hubby and I have a swear jar! :)

Faye from Glossy Tots said the moment for her was when her daughter 'started correcting me! And teaching me things!' and Lyndsay-Rose from My Family of Roses said she knew when her daughter knew what she wanted in detail from what she was wearing to what she wanted to eat. 

I loved this from Emma Reed:
'He's just started to finish my sentences when I have a complete mind blank and I've been so taken aback that my three year old knows exactly what I'm going to say next that it's made me realise he's no longer a toddler or baby, he's now a proper little person who understands so much. '

And finally Sarah from Surrey Mama said for her it was when her daughter 'started to ask 'why' and really meant it. For me the no nappies was also a big change, turned her from a baby into a child'. 

So when did you feel that your toddler became a child? Was it one specific event or just a gradual change? Let me know in the comments.

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