Threenagers SUCK!!!  |  Blog 

The terrible 2s never really happened for Pickle. He had a few tantrums and we used the naughty step a few times but on the whole, the tantrums didn’t get bad and I thought we had just been lucky... I was SOOOOO wrong as Pickle has hit three and suddenly become what is known as a threenager!!

If your not sure what a threeanger is then let me enlighten you. It is basically a three year old who acts like a hormonal, temperamental teenager and it’s bloody awful!


Tears, croup and mummy guilt  |  Blog

This morning was horrendous. There is no other way to describe it and I couldn’t not write about it as it feels like it’s pressing down on me so much. I am 100 % sure that I’m not the only one that has been through this so I’m also helping it might help me feel a bit better if I find that I’m not on my own.

So... a few things you should know first (if you don’t already). Firstly, I am a part time working Mummy. I work 3 days a week at a (practically) 9-5 job and I love it. I love the people I work with and the work I do and I seriously HATE calling in sick. I work in a job where every “body” counts and I know first hand the impact it has when someone isn’t it...it’s not good. Secondly, Pickle has always been prone to croup. He had it for the first time when he was just over a year old and he ended up in hospital with it. He’s then had it a couple of times since then and it’s always been pretty nasty and knocks him for six. I reackon you can see where this post is heading...


Planning our Dream Kitchen | Kitchen Diaries

We have lived in our house for 4 years now. The first room we changed was the lounge as it was going to be a focal point of our home and it was horrendously dated. We then did Pickles room when we found out he was coming along and we also did the garden as it was all paving slabs and we wanted a proper garden with grass for Pickle to run around on. The most recent room we have renovated was our bathroom which we did last year. When I say we I actually mean hubby, his step Dad and our friends who are all amazing and so helpful! I just helped plan all of the renovations, picked colours schemes and then spent the actual renovation process trying not to have a total melt down about the amount of dust that fills the house.

This years project is the kitchen. The kitchen is last room in the house (bar mine and hubbys room which just needs a lick of paint) that we have left to do. The kitchen we have at the moment is dated, broken and generally not nice and seeing as it is the first room that you walk into when you come into our house I couldn't wait to start planning something that I was going to love and feel proud of. I wanted to document the whole kitchen process on here as I think it will be something that will hopefully help others who are thinking of starting a task as huge as this and also it will be nice for us to look back on.


Now that you are 3 | Blog

To my Pickle,

Now that you are three you may think that you don't need me that much anymore. You are potty trained, self sufficient and so much more.
But I still need you more that you will ever know. I need you to need me to nurture you and help you grow.

Your smart, funny and creative...you make us laugh every day. Your also so caring, kind and gentle, I am very proud to say.
Daddy and I are proud of you even when you are being a little challenging and stroppy. Your temper and your stubborn nature, from your dad you must have copied.
Today you are three and I can't quite believe that for three years you have been here with me.
Even today if I close my eyes and concentrate I can see...

That tiny baby with a blotchy face and eyes squeezed oh so tight.
Those sleep cuddles and last night feeds in the middle of the night.
I remember the infacol, the anti reflux milks and the hords of muslin cloths.
Your moses basket, your tiny clothes and especially those tiny socks.
There was a time when you needed me for everything, morning, noon and night.
I can't even being to tell you the amount of times you gave us a fright.
From wondering why you were crying so much to not knowing how to help when you were sick.
Worrying about you bumping your head or falling over when you toddled too quick.

But today you are three and you, my handsome boy, are amazing, wonderful and great.
Your developing and learning new skills at an alarming rate.
You run, jump, climb and dance and love to kick a ball.
You sing, chat and roll about and I love the way you fake a fall.
For the last year you have loved of Paw Patrol, Pluto and Mickey Mouse.
Now your into Cars and training and generally clowning about.

I could go on for hours about the amazing boy you have become.
This list of all your amazing traits could really go on and on.
But what I really want to say to you on this special day, is thank you for bring us so much joy.
You are my proudest achievement, my shining little boy.

We love you forever Pickle

Happy 3rd Birthday



Working Mothers... I salute you!!! | Blog

I class myself as a part time working mum. I work 3 days a week and then get 2 wonderful days just me and pickle and then another 2 glorious days with hubby joining us. I have ample time to see friends, keep on top of house work, keep my blog stuff up to date... it really is a perfect set up for me and I love it. The past 2 weeks have seen a change in my working hours and I've ended up working 4 days a week. I really didn't think the extra day would make much difference but MY GOD it has and it has made me realise that I really don't know how full time working mums do it!!!


3rd Birthday Gift Guide | GIVEAWAY

In just 11 days Pickle will be 3 years old! 3!!!! How is that even possible?!?!? But rather than sobbing to you about how big my little baby is getting and how I wish time would slow down a little bit, I thought I would share with you something more fun. So here is my 3rd Birthday Gift Guide!! I haven't specified if this is for boys or girls as I think either would love the ideas on this list but I do think the ideas are perfect for a 3rd olds birthday AND make sure you read until the end for the chance to win an amazing prize!!