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To my Pickle,

Now that you are three you may think that you don't need me that much anymore. You are potty trained, self sufficient and so much more.
But I still need you more that you will ever know. I need you to need me to nurture you and help you grow.

Your smart, funny and creative...you make us laugh every day. Your also so caring, kind and gentle, I am very proud to say.
Daddy and I are proud of you even when you are being a little challenging and stroppy. Your temper and your stubborn nature, from your dad you must have copied.
Today you are three and I can't quite believe that for three years you have been here with me.
Even today if I close my eyes and concentrate I can see...

That tiny baby with a blotchy face and eyes squeezed oh so tight.
Those sleep cuddles and last night feeds in the middle of the night.
I remember the infacol, the anti reflux milks and the hords of muslin cloths.
Your moses basket, your tiny clothes and especially those tiny socks.
There was a time when you needed me for everything, morning, noon and night.
I can't even being to tell you the amount of times you gave us a fright.
From wondering why you were crying so much to not knowing how to help when you were sick.
Worrying about you bumping your head or falling over when you toddled too quick.

But today you are three and you, my handsome boy, are amazing, wonderful and great.
Your developing and learning new skills at an alarming rate.
You run, jump, climb and dance and love to kick a ball.
You sing, chat and roll about and I love the way you fake a fall.
For the last year you have loved of Paw Patrol, Pluto and Mickey Mouse.
Now your into Cars and training and generally clowning about.

I could go on for hours about the amazing boy you have become.
This list of all your amazing traits could really go on and on.
But what I really want to say to you on this special day, is thank you for bring us so much joy.
You are my proudest achievement, my shining little boy.

We love you forever Pickle

Happy 3rd Birthday


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