Threenagers SUCK!!!  |  Blog 

The terrible 2s never really happened for Pickle. He had a few tantrums and we used the naughty step a few times but on the whole, the tantrums didn’t get bad and I thought we had just been lucky... I was SOOOOO wrong as Pickle has hit three and suddenly become what is known as a threenager!!

If your not sure what a threeanger is then let me enlighten you. It is basically a three year old who acts like a hormonal, temperamental teenager and it’s bloody awful!

As an example, here is a list of reasons that Pickle had a tantrum today (and it’s only midday right now!):

1. I wouldn’t let him throw his Pluto soft toy in my face.

2. I wouldn’t let him jump on my chest.

3. I wouldn’t let him kick my belly.

4. I made him wear socks.

5. We weren’t going on holiday today.

6. I wouldn’t let him eat a dog biscuit in the pet shop.

7. We had to drive home rather than walk.

I am being 100% honest here... these are all the reasons that my son has had a tantrum today and the reasons that I have considered if it is okay to drink before 12pm!! (Joking... a little!)

So yeah... having a theenager SUCKS and if you’ve got one then I feel for you Mumma!!!!


  1. We have a budding threenager, his birthday is next week, and like you we haven't really had the terrible twos but are definitely seeing threes! We have tantrums over putting socks on, or taking them off. For some reason they have to be pulled up as hard as possible so his toes are crushed, this is just one way we feel your pain.

  2. My youngest is 18 months and quite similar, according to him I am the most unreasonable person on the planet (for example, feeding him the meal he specifically asked for...)

  3. This is the sweetest thing I have read today. The little ones of my friends also randomly turn into little monsters and back to angels a few times per day.

  4. I occasionally have tantrums because I'm not going on holiday today too 😂