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The terrible 2s never really happened for Pickle. He had a few tantrums and we used the naughty step a few times but on the whole, the tantrums didn’t get bad and I thought we had just been lucky... I was SOOOOO wrong as Pickle has hit three and suddenly become what is known as a threenager!!

If your not sure what a threeanger is then let me enlighten you. It is basically a three year old who acts like a hormonal, temperamental teenager and it’s bloody awful!

As an example, here is a list of reasons that Pickle had a tantrum today (and it’s only midday right now!):

1. I wouldn’t let him throw his Pluto soft toy in my face.

2. I wouldn’t let him jump on my chest.

3. I wouldn’t let him kick my belly.

4. I made him wear socks.

5. We weren’t going on holiday today.

6. I wouldn’t let him eat a dog biscuit in the pet shop.

7. We had to drive home rather than walk.

I am being 100% honest here... these are all the reasons that my son has had a tantrum today and the reasons that I have considered if it is okay to drink before 12pm!! (Joking... a little!)

So yeah... having a theenager SUCKS and if you’ve got one then I feel for you Mumma!!!!

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