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Some moments are so big that they become permanently etched into our memories. The feeling when you hold your child for the first time, the excitement before you walk downthe aisle to your one and only, the pain when you watch a loved one slip away. Milestone moments are designed to be remembered but what about those ordinary moments that we just tend to let slip by? Sometimes they are so mundane that we let them pass with no thoughts but, for me, some stay and become beautiful memories that I treasure just as much as my life changing moments. 

Think back into your past. Can you remember a time your were blissfully happy in an ordinary moment? I can think of so many but there are two that really stick out in my mind. One has to be from when I was about 7 or 8 and I had gone to stay with my Nan and Grandad for the night. My Nan cooked steak and chips...something that is so normal and every day but that memory makes me feel so happy and I remember the moment so vividly. I remember where everyone sat at the dinner table, the way my grandad always sat at the head and my Nan next to him, the way Nan served chips on a sheet of kitchen paper to soak up the fat, the glass bottle that the ginger was in. All so ordinary but a moment that has stuck with me for years. The other is, once again, something so mundane but is cemented in my memory. I remember being around 8 or 9 years old and being in my newly decorated bedroom sitting on the floor listening to my Smurf album on CD. The moment was nothing special or life changing but it is a memory that gives me that warm little feeling in my belly. It reminds me of home and the happiness I felt there growing up. 

The reason I have been thinking about this is because yesterday I saw an elderly man sitting with (I’m presuming) his 2 grandchild. They were sitting on a bench, talking and laughing with each other whilst munching on sausage rolls for lunch. It was such an ordinary moment but one that also seemed so special. For those children, their grandfather won’t be here forever and the fact that he was choosing to spend time talking and enjoying life with them with the most simplist action of sitting on a bench with a sausage roll is something I hope those children will remember and treasure. 

When I think about Pickle and our lives together I, of course, want Pickle to remember the big moments that we share like holidays and celebrations but I also hope he will remember the smaller moments. The snuggles in bed where he strokes me hand and I kiss his  head, the winter nights we spend surrounded by the smell of central heating whilst we play pop up pirate and the summer afternoons where we walk to the woods to find sticks and rocks for no reason other than we want to. Those moments are ordinary but ones that are filled with day to day love and emotion that I want Pickle to treasure as fondly as I do. 

Do you have any ordinary moments that are amongst your treasured memories? I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments. 


Blogging isn’t free!! | Blog

I’m writing this at 11.15 pm on Tuesday night. I left the house at 7.30 this morning, done a full day at my actual job, come home, bathed and put pickle to bed and at 7.45 I sat down with my dinner and my laptop. In the past 3 hours and 15 mins I’ve focused on my blog. No TV watching or chatting on the phone or having a relaxing bath... I’ve been blogging and I’m nowhere near finished yet.

In the 3 hours I’ve been typing I’ve drafted 2 blog posts, published another that I drafted last week, caught up and responded to 10 emails, left comments on 6 other bloggers blogs, have scheduled some tweets for the next few days and now I am writing this post. I still have to edited some pictures for another post, have 2 vlogs to edit together and another blog post that needs to be written before the end of the week. Why am I bothering to tell you this? I’m bothering because I am sick and tired of people saying that blogging is easy. So many think we write a few blog posts and update Facebook a few times and then get sent “free stuff”. BULLSHIT!!!!!!


Coping after surgery when you have children! | Blog

If you follow me on social media then you will know that last week I had my tonsils removed. I was pretty painful and the recovery is pretty hard BUT what do you do when you have children that depend on you but your out of action?? I am very lucky in the fact that I have parents and in laws close by who have been able to help us with Pickle and also Hubby has the option to work from home so has been my man slave here to help but I still felt like I need to prepare and do as much in advance of my operation to make things as easy as possible for everyone whilst I recover. I asked my lovely fellow bloggers if they had any top tips for recovering after an surgery and here’s what they said:

''Stock up on icepops! They're a good bribe for cleaning bedrooms and mummy can always treat herself too for a bit of pain relief!''
Ashleigh from 3 Girls Mummy


Thomas and Friends Super Station | Review

Do you remember one toy from your childhood that you wanted more than any other toy? The toy that you would see on the adverts and wish that you would find under the Christmas tree? The toy that you dreamt of your Mum buying for you ever time you went in the toy shop? The toy that your Mum would use as a bargaining tool...
''If your good then maybe Father Christmas will bring it for you?''
For me it was a wild hair Cindy hair salon. 20 years ago it was THE toy that I had to have for Christmas. It was the thing that Cindy dreams were made of. It had seats for the dolls, little basins for you to wash their hair and even tubes of gel so you could give them the latest doo. The toy was everything I thought it would be and I remember how much I loved it and how grateful I was that my parents had finally brought it for me.
Pickle found a toy recently that he wanted over everything else. Cars went out the window...Play doh was boring...his pirate ship was redundant. He wanted the Thomas & Friends Super Station and as he is one of the luckiest boys in the world (and Mattel are one of the greatest brands in the world) this was his face when he saw the super station in it's full glory in our living room.

Pickle was beside himself. It was like all his Christsmases had come at once and I after seeing it set up I understand why this was the toy he just HAD to have! This set has everything that any Thomas loving child could want or need including over 10 meters of track and space for over 100 engines! The Super Station is HUGE!!! We set it up for Pickle whilst he was in bed so he could come down and see it in the morning and there is really no missing it.
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,
The Super Station features some of the most memorable Thomas locations including the Sodor Steamworks, Blue Mountain Quarry and Tidmouth Sheds. It also includes a helipad to land Harold on and a working Cranky the Crane.
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,
Pickles favourite part of the Super Station is, without a doubt, the fact that you can create so many different tracks and routes. The set comes with a battery powered Thomas and a couple of other trains but Pickle loves nothing more than building a track with a big ramp and then racing the trains down each side! Not only can Pickle create hundreds of different routes and stories but you can also buy additional sets that you can attach to the Super Station using special adaptors.
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,
As a parent I think that the best thing about this toy is how adaptable it is and that, to me, also makes it value for money. It may have an RRP of £129.99 BUT you can use 4 different types of engine types with the set; TrackMaster, Adventures, MINIS and Wood engines. No more having to have a different track for different trains, this set has a very clever track that allows all of the trains to be used on it. No only can the trains be used on the tracks, they can also be stored within the Super Station itself which is amazing for us as our house isn't huge so any storage is a massive plus.
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,
So...with this amazing Thomas and Friends Super Station all of Pickle's Thomas filled hopes and dreams have come true. He has played with this for literally 2 days straight and I can imagine he would have stayed and played longer if it wasn't for the fact that I had to go to work. I know that this is at the top of quite a few children's lists for Santa this year and I can honestly say that it is well worth the money and the space as it gives hours of fun. I can really see this being the type of toy that Pickle keeps for years as it will grow with him.

To make your little ones Thomas filled fantasies come true then check out the Thomas Super Station here.
Thomas and friends, Thomas super station, Christmas, toys, must have toy, Thomas the tank engine, cranky the crane, Harold helicopter, mattel, kids toys, toy trains, trains, throughamiseyes,

This was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.


Maybe I’m ready | Blog

Maybe I’m ready to share my heart 

Maybe I’m ready to go back to the start

Maybe I’m ready to wait and see

Maybe I’m ready to think what will be will be

The waiting, the wondering, the love and the fears,

Maybe I’m ready... I haven’t been for years.

Could I cope? Could I share? Could I be enough for two?

Would it happen? Would it work? Could I be one of the lucky few?

It’s not always plain sailing am I ready to take that risk?

It’s not always a happy ending, am I ready to put myself through this?

Is this how it’s meant to be, am I meant to question if it’s right?

Or does that mean I’m not ready and when I thinking about it in the broad day light...

The crying, the lack of sleep and not forgetting the poo,

It was hard when we had one but how does it work when you have two?

How do people spilt themselves and be the best that they can be

For two children who depend on them... that person would be me!

But then I remember that so many have two and they all do just fine

Maybe now I’m ready, maybe it’s our time.

Completing our family and creating another life,

Thinking about siblings, it could actually be quite nice.

Someone to grow with, play with and fight like cat and dog

Someone to cry with, share hard times with and help you through the fog.

Yes I think I’m ready, I think that it’s about time,

I think that now I’m ready, and I’m sure we will all be just fine.

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Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4 in 1 Trike | Review

Pickle is such an outdoorsy child. He loves going to the park or on walk to our local woods but he is at that awkward age where he is getting a little too big for a buggy but he gets tired if he has to walk a long way. Thanksfully, Little Tikes have the PERFECT solution to this problem...their perfect fit 4 in 1 trike!!

The lovely people at Little Tikes sent this through to Pickle and when I saw what this trike had to offer I was so excited! The Pefect Fit trike is billed as a trike that will grow with your child. It has four stages which means it can be used from 9 months up until over 5 years and with a range of safety features, I was so excited to get out and see if the trike was as good as it seemed. I wasn't disappointed!


The Joys of Working from Home! | Collaboration

Recently I came across this hilariously true to live video from furniture-work.co.uk and I just HAD to share it! Working from home can be amazing and I think that people think that it is super easy as you can look after the kids, not have to worry about child care etc...BUT in reality it is very different!

I actually have experience of both working in an work place and working from home. I definitely know what I easier. Lets see if you can work out which one I prefer...

Yesterday I went to work in my work place. I had adult, civilised chat with my colleagues, I had a lunch break where I ate and read a magazine, I had 2 hot coffees and I drove home listening to my favourite radio station.

Today I am working from home. So far (it is only 11am) and I am trying to write this whilst my work colleague (my 3 year old) squeezes himself as close to me as physically possible, I have had 1 freezing cold coffee, I have had to listen to Peppa Pig on repeat and lunch today will most probably consist of wrestling the child to eat whilst trying to have another coffee.

Don't get me wrong, working from home does have it's major advantages and it's wonderful to be able to spend time with Pickle whilst I am attempting to do some work but sometimes it is REALLY hard and not the easiest option.

Note: this is a collaborative post.


Beauty Trends AW17  |  Collaboration 

If you’ve read my blog for a while then you will know that I love me a bit of beauty! I love to do my make up and experiment and “try” to keep up with the latest trends BUT being a Mum it can sometimes be hard to keep up. So, when Ellisons sent me through a fact sheet with their top beauty trends for Autumn/Winter 17 I wanted to share the best trends for us mums this season.

Romantic Neutrals and Messy UpDos
This is a trends I am loving for AW17 as it’s so easy to pull off and does with most looks. You can also dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Soft pastel eyeshadows and brown mascara can help achieve the perfect neutral tones needed. Messy buns are a super easy way to look effortless chic and finished with minimal time needed.

Metallic Gold and Gloss Red
Giving a very festive vibe, this trend is all about the red and gold. A classic red lip never seems to go or if fashion but in AW17 the trend is to throw it back to the 90s and wear a red glossy lip. Pair this with what some fashion experts are calling the “Midas touch” and your onto a winner. Metallic gold nails are bang on trend this seasons and bring in all the festive vibes!

Brace and Bold

Bold & Bright.
Now, this trend is not for the faint hearted but if you want something that’s going to brighten up the winter months coming up then this is for you. Bold hair colours like neon yellow and bright pink (or acid hair as the trend is dubbed) are set to be huge in AW AND if your feeling really brave you could get inspired by the eye make of the 80s and try a graphic eye which uses bright shades to really make a statement. As I said... not for the faint hearted but these trends really brighten up your life!

So there you have it... Ellison’s top beauty trends for autumn/winter 2017. What’s your favourite? Any you’ll be trying out in the coming months? Let me know in the comments !

Note - this is a collaborative post