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I’m writing this at 11.15 pm on Tuesday night. I left the house at 7.30 this morning, done a full day at my actual job, come home, bathed and put pickle to bed and at 7.45 I sat down with my dinner and my laptop. In the past 3 hours and 15 mins I’ve focused on my blog. No TV watching or chatting on the phone or having a relaxing bath... I’ve been blogging and I’m nowhere near finished yet.

In the 3 hours I’ve been typing I’ve drafted 2 blog posts, published another that I drafted last week, caught up and responded to 10 emails, left comments on 6 other bloggers blogs, have scheduled some tweets for the next few days and now I am writing this post. I still have to edited some pictures for another post, have 2 vlogs to edit together and another blog post that needs to be written before the end of the week. Why am I bothering to tell you this? I’m bothering because I am sick and tired of people saying that blogging is easy. So many think we write a few blog posts and update Facebook a few times and then get sent “free stuff”. BULLSHIT!!!!!!

Us bloggers work bloody hard for what we get. Yes we are sent stuff and yes we sometimes get paid to write about things but it is NEVER free! What to you may look like a bit of writing is never that simple. We are thinking about SEO, DA rankings, hashtags that will share our writing with the right people, anchor text to use on links to make it visible... the list is endless and I feel that so many of us bloggers get so much stick for just getting free stuff.

Yes it is great that we get sent stuff. Sometimes the stuff is a bit pants but other time it is amazing and I have had a few opps before where I have had to pinch myself because I can't believe it's happening to me but it doesn't just happen. PR's and brands don't just see one Facebook post and think ''Oh...I will send them so and so''. These people do their research. They want people who are honest, have a following and how have built a personal brand and that takes time and effort. You don't just start a blog and suddenly get sent free stuff.

So next time you think that bloggers have an easy life and get sent a load of free stuff just stop and remember that most of us are up, working for our 'free stuff' until silly o'clock when you are snoozing away.

Rant over!

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