Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4 in 1 Trike | Review

Pickle is such an outdoorsy child. He loves going to the park or on walk to our local woods but he is at that awkward age where he is getting a little too big for a buggy but he gets tired if he has to walk a long way. Thanksfully, Little Tikes have the PERFECT solution to this problem...their perfect fit 4 in 1 trike!!

The lovely people at Little Tikes sent this through to Pickle and when I saw what this trike had to offer I was so excited! The Pefect Fit trike is billed as a trike that will grow with your child. It has four stages which means it can be used from 9 months up until over 5 years and with a range of safety features, I was so excited to get out and see if the trike was as good as it seemed. I wasn't disappointed!

When the trike turned up it was in a HUGE box and I wasn't sure if it would be too complicated for me to build and if I should just leave it for hubby to do BUT I decided to try and it was so easy to assemble! The instructions were really clear and it probably took about 30 minutes to put together. Note: That's 30 minutes for me...the most illogical, impractical person in the world....so for most normal people it would probably only take about 15/20 minutes. Once it was built I was able to see the trike it all it's glory. It felt sterdy and made from good materials, it had a great sized storage basket, has a foot brake for safety and a 5 point safety belt and a safety bar! And that wasn't all for the safety features. It also has a removable and adjustable canopy which has UV protection and durable, quite ride tyres! A pretty impressive list don't you think? Aside from the safety features, the trike also has some pretty impressive design features too.

The best thing about this trike in my opinion is that fact that it grows with your child making it great value for money! You have the opinion to have a foot rest attached to the trike meaning that little ones will no longer catch their feet under the wheels or the peddles (this was a serious fear of mine when pickle was little!) and you even have the opinion to have the peddles working or not, meaning that your little one can have their feet down but won't actually be peddling if they can't or if they are too small to.

One of the things I love about this trike is the parent handle. The adjustable, removal steering handle is ergonomically designed to make pushing little ones that little bit easier for parents. You can attach the handle to the trikes steering so that you are in control of the trike or you can give your little one control over the steering whilst still having the handle attached to keep them close. Once your little one is confident on the trike you can detach the handle all together. The handle also has one of my favourite features of the whole trike...it includes a small tray and a drinks holder for us parents so you've got somewhere to put your drink on those long rambles.

The trike drives so smoothly and well. It was so easy for me to push and control even across bumpy paths. Pickle loved our trip to the woods to try out this trike for the first time and now constantly asked to go in it even when we are going out in the car!
Overall, this is an amazing trike and would make the perfect gift for an little ones birthday as it grows with them and will last then for years! Thank you so much to Little Tikes for sending this through to us and Pickle really does love it!

If you want to get your very own Little Tikes trike then you can check out their full range here - http://www.littletikes.co.uk/

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