Arts & Crafts with Childs Farm | Collaboration

I highly doubt that anyone out there knows this but my first ever product review on this blog was a Childs Farm review. I had 2 little tiny bottles of the stuff that I had got as a freebie from a parenting magazine and I fell in love with the brand from then. The products not only smell amazing but they are so kind and gentle to sensitive skin which was a massive thing to us when Pickle was a baby as he had such sensitive skin that would flare up so easily. Fast forward 2 years and we still use Childs Farm to this day so when we were contacted by them and asked if we wanted some of their gorgeous products I obviously couldn't say no.

The lovely people at Childs Farm sent us through an amazing box of goodies that not only included some amazing products but they also sent some fun stickers and craft things to help us make some funny figures from the bottles. Needless to say Pickle and I had a brilliant time getting messy and turning our Childs Farm products into what we called 'Aliens'!

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Mop | Review

If you read my blog regularly then you will know that we completely renovated our kitchen and the flooring is one of my favourite elements. Having a beautiful new floor meant that I wanted to take care of it in the best way and seeing as I don’t have a great track record with steam cleaners (I seem to break any ones I ever have!) I was looking around for the best way to clean the floor. I had been using a small sponge style mop but I didn’t feel it ever really cleaned the floors properly and it always made them really wet so they took forever to dry!!! Then I came across the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo mop and my floor cleaning life changed forever!!!!


My 5 top tips for cracking potty training | Blog

In the summer we tackled potty training and it went pretty well in my opinion. We obviously had a few accidents long the way but within about 5 days Pickle was dry and our job was pretty much done and I couldn't have been prouder BUT there were some essentials that made the process so much easier!

1. Multiple Potties.

This is a strange one but we had THREE potties (unintentionally as we had been sent a couple) and it was so useful as we had one in the lounge which was where Pickle was most of the time and we had one upstairs which meant in the morning if he needed to use the potty he wouldn't have to wait whilst we ran downstairs to get his potty. The third potty was the amazing 2 in 1 Go Potty from Oxo Tot. This potty comes with disposable bags that have an absorbent pad inside to soak up any  wet and make it nice and tidy if you can't throw it away at the time, This potty is perfect for car journeys and days out as it is easy to pop up and comes in a super handy bag. It just made life so much easier and was something that I would totally recommend.


Christmas Gift Guide for Kids | Blog

Shopping for Pickle is my favourite kind of shopping but it is probably the hardest type. When it comes to Christmas he wants EVERYTHING.... When he watched T.V and he sees all of toy adverts all we hear for 3 solid minutes is ''I want that...I want that...maybe for Christmas??''

It means that we do not know what he actually wants as I think he just says the majority of it for effect and besides, if we got him everything he supposedly wants our house would look like a branch of Smyths and hubby and I would be skint. So, I thought I would share with you my 5 top gifts for kids this year in the hope that if your little one is a fickle with what they want as Pickle is, you will have some guidance.

1. Little Tike Remote Control Bumper Cars

Pickle has really got into cars recently as I am sure most 3 years old have and these remote control bumper cars are the perfect gift for the car mad child in your life. The thing that I think makes these stand out from other remote control cars is the fact that they are also like a game. You have 2 cars and 2 remotes and you have to bump the cars into each other. The winner is the one who manages to get the other cars driver to pop out of the car. It's a great concept and brings hours of fun as well as helping little ones with hand eye coordination. Grab your little one their own set on the Little Tikes site here! 


Completing our dream kitchen | Blog

This past month has seen massive changes in our home. We decided in August that it was time for us to tackle the last room in our house that needed major renovation...the kitchen. You can see a post here all about how we planned our dream kitchen and the companys and brands we used but now that it is all done I want to share with you a few of my favourite parts from our new dream kitchen.


I feel like flooring is something that is so important when it comes to renovating a space and if you have read my planning our kitchen post then you will know that we spent a long time looking for the perfecting flooring. I am so pleased with what we went for in the end. The Quick Step slate grey vinyl that we laid looks perfect and I feel that it really brings the kitchen together. Hubby laid the flooring himself and he said it was so easy to do. It clicks together like laminate does and he was able to lay all of it within about 2 hours. The colour is true to the website pictures which I was so happy


Our traditions with Linens limited  |  Collaboration 

Winter is my favourite season. When I think of winter it cunjoures up images of snuggly blankets, cuddles watching films, crisp walks through the woods and being in the warm whilst listening to the rain outside. To me, it’s blissful and I’d take snowy cold over a sunny scorcher any day. So when Linens limited got in contact and asked me to write about my favourite winter traditions I was over the moon! How could I give up the chance to talk about my favourite things to do during my favourite season? So I thought I’d share with you my 3 favourite family traditions in winter (well mainly Christmas because that’s what winter is right?!?). 

1. Morning snuggles 

This isn't really exclusive to winter as Pickle hops into our bed every single morning but there is nothing better than it being a little chilly in the house and Hubby, Pickle and I all snuggling down into our bed together. Great bedding is essential for this and at the moment we have a gorgeous duck and down duvet from Linens Limited that makes snuggling feel so luxurious, cosy and warm. We’ve always had synthetic duvets so upgrading to the new one has been amazing and I don’t think I could ever go back to our old one now. I treasure our morning snuggles as it’s is the perfect way to start off the day. 

2. Stockings in bed

At Christmas time I have a rule... before we can go downstairs yo open our presents and start our Christmas Day we have to open our stockings in bed. I don’t really know why it has become a tradition but it is something that we now do every single year!


Christmas Gift Guide for Her | Blog

It's CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!!! Well...almost...and it's time to start getting organised and start getting those Christmas present brought. Now, if your hubsband or partner is anything like mine then they leave Christmas shopping right until the last minute and end up panic buying all sorts of toot as they don't know what to get us, even though we drop hundreds of hints and even email them a list! This year, I've got you covered ladies. Just leave you laptop or phone open on this handy gift guide for her and let the nice presents roll in. Your welcome :)


Having my tonsils removed |  Blog

Thursday 26th October was a massive day for me. After years of getting tonsillitis every couple of months I finally headed into hospital to get the buggers taken out. Before going in I had heard HORROR stories of how awful the operation is and how bad the recovery would be and if I am being honest I was unbelievably nervous. It felt that all I could see online was bad stories and it felt like there was no balance so I wanted to share with you my experiance of having my tonsils removed - 

NOTE - This post contains photos of my throat during the recovery process and as this may not be some peoples cup of tea I wanted to warn you before you go any further. 

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 1 - operation day.

So I headed into hospital at 7.30 am for a long day at the day stay unit. After all the pre op business I went down to theatre at about 9.30. Everything is a little foggy after the operation but my consultant came to see me at about midday and the first thing he said (with a warm smile I must add!) was “well you got your monies worth today”. Apparently the op should have taken 25 minuties but because of the amount of “debris” it actually took them an hour and 10 to get them out! The complications also caused a bleed straight after the op which caused more problems and meant that he was worried I could hemmorige or get an infection. He prescribed me a huge list of pills which included some precautionary antibiotics, told me to eat and drink whatever I could and wished me luck. He was so lovely and in fact all the staff that day were brilliant. The pain wasn’t too horrendous and I managed to drink water in the recovery room and when I got back on the ward I even managed a pot of jelly and half of a ham sandwich (which impressed the consultant!). Finally at 5pm it was time for me to go home with my pharmacy of tablets and let the fun really begin!

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 2-

The first day after the op was pretty easy to be honest. I kept on top of my meds and managed to eat jelly, a slice of toast and even some mash and veg in the evening. The pain wasn’t bad at all and I was actually pretty surprised as I was expecting so much worse!

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 3 - 4 -

I thought that the lack of pain was too good to be true. Saturday morning I woke up and my ears felt like they had been ripped off my head! My throat felt sore but it was my ears and neck that were the killer. Day 4 was a little easier but still pretty painful. I literally just laid on the sofa binging on Netflix whilst topped up with all my pain meds for those 2 days. I still managed to eat jelly and toast which I was pleased about as it knew it would help. The pain in my ears was definitely the worst part of these two days. I was so glad that Hubby was home to help me during these days as I could barely talk as my throat was so sore so he was able to be my voice so I could talk to Pickle.

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Days 5 - 6 -

Once again... I spoke way too soon. Day 5 and 6 are THE WORST! Sorry if you are reading this to get ready for the operation but I can’t lie. These 2 days were really hard to the point where I cried both days. The pain in my ears, head and throat was on a whole new level. It was so bad that I actually had to get Hubby to take me to the doctors on Wednesday to get some stronger painkillers as I couldn’t sleep or eat or anything. The new painkillers were a godsend and I was actually able to get some sleep and eat some jelly and mash potatoes (not at the same time!).

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 7 -

A week after the op and I finally felt human again! My ears didn’t hurt, my neck was pain free and it didn’t feel like I was swallowing a handful of rusty nails each time I swallowed. I was still taking the painkillers on this day but I finally felt normaility. I think the reason I felt so much better was because the scabs/puss/whatever you want to call it, had finally come off the wounds at the back of my throat and it was mostly clear. I definitely think that eating and drinking (as hard as it has been) has been the best thing I could have done even though on some days it has been ridiculously hard!

Day 8 - 11 -

These 3 days have just felt like I have had tonsillitis minis the fever and ear ache that I normally get. My throat is still sore and it is a little hard to swallow first thing in the morning but I am pretty much back to normally. I have happily eaten pizza, beans on toast and hubby even cooked me an amazing steak dinner on Sunday night which was amazing and I was able to eat it all! It feels like I have come out of the tunnel now and it’s amazing!

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 12 -

2 weeks to the day that I had the operation and I am back to normal. My throat has totally cleared up and I feel back to my normal self. I have lost just over 4 pounds over the space of the two weeks but I think that is because of the small meals I’ve been eating not because I haven’t been able to eat. I haven't taken the painkillers for the last couple of days as I haven't needed it and I can now finally get out and about again and not have to worry about the risk of infection.

So there you have it. That was my experience of having my tonsils removed. My voice still sounds exactly the same and the only thing that is any different than before I had the operation is that I can't make the snorty sound like a pig any more...thanks to reading Peppa Pig books for highlighting that for me.

If you are having your tonsils removed soon then I would definitely recommend the following:
  1. If you have children then make sure you get some childcare in place. You will barely be able to speak let alone look after your kids. I thankfully had my family that helped with looking after Pickle and I planned for hi to be looked after for pretty much the whole of my 2 weeks recovery. 
  2. DRINK!!! I can't stress the importance of drinking little and often. I felt like for the first week I was continually sipping from my water bottle but it is essential as it keeps your throat moist. 
  3. Eat whatever you can, whenever you can. As hard as it is to eat it is so good for the recovery a it helps to clear the scabs off the back of your throat which helps speed up the healing. Don't worry about eating ice cream or crisps or anything in specific. As my consultant told me, just eat whatever you can. 
  4. Keep on top of your pain medication. I was on 4 different types of tablets and also a throat spray and it got so confusing in my tired and painful state that I actually downloaded an app to help me know when I needed to take everything. For the first week, even if you are feeling okay I would still recommend taking the pills as it just keeps the pain at bay. 
  5. Clear your schedule for 2 weeks and make sure you relax and take it easy. Don't pus yourself or try to be superman/superwoman and do everything. Just relax. Before my operation I made sure all my housework was done, all the washing was done and I made a list on Netflix and sky of all the things I wanted to watch. I then sat on the sofa with a blanket for literally 2 weeks. 
So, if you are getting your tonsils removed then GOOD LUCK and it isn't as bad as people make out as long as you do everything you can to make sure that you have a speedy recovery. 


5 household chores you should make time to do!  |  Blog 

I am a bit of a cleaning nut and I love cleaning and organising!! Recently I had my tonsils removed so it meant that for about 2 weeks I was leaving the house work in hubbys hands and he pretty much did the bare minimum. Once I was feeling better it was time for me to take back the reins and I had a massive deep clean! Whilst I was blitzing my house it got me thinking about the jobs that I never really do and that I should make time for at least once a month. Things that I never really think of as house work so I thought I’d share with you my 5 household chores you should make time to do!

1. Clean the filter on your hoover.

Now this may not be for everyone as I know that there are so many different hoovers around nowdays and some don't have filters but mine does. It not only has a filter it also has a sponge type thing that you are supposed to wash through and let air dry every single month. I have NEVER done this before, well up until last week and I really don't know why. It didn't take long at all and my hoover seems to be cleaning better since I have cleaned it. I will definitely be adding this to my cleaning list and making sure I get it done once a month.

2. Wash the dogs bedding. 

This is something that I do try to do but always end up forgetting to do. Maisie (our cockapoo pup) has a crate that she sleeps in so all of her bedding is in there so we don't really see it and I think that's why I forget to wash it as often as I should! Going forward I am going to make sure I clean her bedding once a month as it makes her crate smell less 'dog' and it's got to be nice for her to have clean blankets a pillows.

3. Clean the oven. 

This is a job that I hate and before we renovated our kitchen I felt that cleaning my oven was a bit of a lost cause as it as just so dirty. To be honest, it was dirty when we moved in and I have always cleaned it as best as I can but it never looked properly clean. Now we have a brand new sparkly oven I have made a promise to myself that I will wipe it down after each use and then fully clean it with the cleaning kit once a month. Hopefully keeping on top of it will mean it stays sparkly for longer.

4. Clean your curtains.

I know...I know...cleaning your curtains can be a faff but believe me, it makes such a difference once they are done. Think about how many different smells your curtains are exposed to and have a chance to retain. Cleaning them means you will get a lovely fresh scent every time you close them. Just make sure you read the labels on them first as there are so many different ways they need to be cleaned.

5. Clean our your tumble drier. 

When I say clean your tumble drier I mean really clean it! We have all seen the horror stories about tumble driers catching fire and what not and one of the best ways to prevent anything like this is by cleaning it out fully on a regular basis. Empty the lint tray, clean the filer, pull the tumbler drier out and clean any vents on the back. You basically want to try to remove ANY lint or fluff that you can see anywhere.

So there you have it. 5 simple household chores that, if your anything like me, get forgotten about but are so easy and also very important.


Christmas Gift Guide for Him | Blog

Can you believe that Christmas is only 48 sleeps away (not that I am counting or anything!) and it is that time of year again for the Gift Guides start to come out. I love shopping and Christmas shopping is my favourite type!. I love finding gifts that people will really enjoy and that show my loved ones how much they mean to me.

This year I am going to be publishing 3 different gift guides covering men, women and kids and I have had so much fun getting together my favourite 5 gifts that you can give to your loved ones this Christmas. So, to start the Christmas festivities on Through Ami's Eyes I give you my Christmas Gift Guide for Men!