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I am a bit of a cleaning nut and I love cleaning and organising!! Recently I had my tonsils removed so it meant that for about 2 weeks I was leaving the house work in hubbys hands and he pretty much did the bare minimum. Once I was feeling better it was time for me to take back the reins and I had a massive deep clean! Whilst I was blitzing my house it got me thinking about the jobs that I never really do and that I should make time for at least once a month. Things that I never really think of as house work so I thought I’d share with you my 5 household chores you should make time to do!

1. Clean the filter on your hoover.

Now this may not be for everyone as I know that there are so many different hoovers around nowdays and some don't have filters but mine does. It not only has a filter it also has a sponge type thing that you are supposed to wash through and let air dry every single month. I have NEVER done this before, well up until last week and I really don't know why. It didn't take long at all and my hoover seems to be cleaning better since I have cleaned it. I will definitely be adding this to my cleaning list and making sure I get it done once a month.

2. Wash the dogs bedding. 

This is something that I do try to do but always end up forgetting to do. Maisie (our cockapoo pup) has a crate that she sleeps in so all of her bedding is in there so we don't really see it and I think that's why I forget to wash it as often as I should! Going forward I am going to make sure I clean her bedding once a month as it makes her crate smell less 'dog' and it's got to be nice for her to have clean blankets a pillows.

3. Clean the oven. 

This is a job that I hate and before we renovated our kitchen I felt that cleaning my oven was a bit of a lost cause as it as just so dirty. To be honest, it was dirty when we moved in and I have always cleaned it as best as I can but it never looked properly clean. Now we have a brand new sparkly oven I have made a promise to myself that I will wipe it down after each use and then fully clean it with the cleaning kit once a month. Hopefully keeping on top of it will mean it stays sparkly for longer.

4. Clean your curtains.

I know...I know...cleaning your curtains can be a faff but believe me, it makes such a difference once they are done. Think about how many different smells your curtains are exposed to and have a chance to retain. Cleaning them means you will get a lovely fresh scent every time you close them. Just make sure you read the labels on them first as there are so many different ways they need to be cleaned.

5. Clean our your tumble drier. 

When I say clean your tumble drier I mean really clean it! We have all seen the horror stories about tumble driers catching fire and what not and one of the best ways to prevent anything like this is by cleaning it out fully on a regular basis. Empty the lint tray, clean the filer, pull the tumbler drier out and clean any vents on the back. You basically want to try to remove ANY lint or fluff that you can see anywhere.

So there you have it. 5 simple household chores that, if your anything like me, get forgotten about but are so easy and also very important.

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