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Shopping for Pickle is my favourite kind of shopping but it is probably the hardest type. When it comes to Christmas he wants EVERYTHING.... When he watched T.V and he sees all of toy adverts all we hear for 3 solid minutes is ''I want that...I want that...maybe for Christmas??''

It means that we do not know what he actually wants as I think he just says the majority of it for effect and besides, if we got him everything he supposedly wants our house would look like a branch of Smyths and hubby and I would be skint. So, I thought I would share with you my 5 top gifts for kids this year in the hope that if your little one is a fickle with what they want as Pickle is, you will have some guidance.

1. Little Tike Remote Control Bumper Cars

Pickle has really got into cars recently as I am sure most 3 years old have and these remote control bumper cars are the perfect gift for the car mad child in your life. The thing that I think makes these stand out from other remote control cars is the fact that they are also like a game. You have 2 cars and 2 remotes and you have to bump the cars into each other. The winner is the one who manages to get the other cars driver to pop out of the car. It's a great concept and brings hours of fun as well as helping little ones with hand eye coordination. Grab your little one their own set on the Little Tikes site here! 

2. Unicorn Slippers from Findmeagift.com

I am yet to find a child (usually girls) who does not love unicorns!! They seem to be really “in” at the moment and I came across these unicorn slippers from findmeagift.com and I think they are amazing!!! I love the super bright colours and how cute they look. They would be great for kids but wouldn’t look out of place on an adults Christmas list either and yes... they are on mine! :)

3. Don't Rock the Boat game from University Games

In our house we love games. It is a great chance for the three of us to sit down and spend sometime with each other playing and having fun. Don't Rock the Boat has to be one of our favourite games at the moment and pickle loves it. The aim is the put the penguins on a boat that is balancing on a wave (or an iceberg I'm not really sure what it is). It's such a simple concept but it entertains so well. Pickle find it hilarious when the boat starts rocking and he can barely contain himself when the penguins nearly fall off. It's a great game and would make a fantastic gift AND at only £8.49 (for Argos at time of publishing) it is a real bargain!

4. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Minis Motorised RaceWay Playset. 

If you saw my recent review of the Thomas & Friends Super Station then you will know that Pickle is Thomas crazy and the super station is at the top of his Christmas list BUT if your little one is Thomas crazy and you don't want to spend super station money then the smaller but still just as fun Mini Motorised Race Way is the one for you. This set comes with two mini trains but you can add in as many as you want from your own collection. It has three different tracks that the trains can come speeding down and a motorised winch to pull the trains up the practically vertical hill. Pickle loves this set and will happily spend ages playing and creating little stories about the trains. At £24.99 this is a steal in my opinion and would make the perfect gift for any train mad little one this year.

5. Traditional Books. 

In our house we read Pickle a story every single night and his favourites always tend to be the good old ones that Hubby and I were read as children. Books such as 'The Tiger that Came to Tea' and 'The Blue Balloon' are firm favourites with Pickle and my way of thinking is that if you liked a book as a child and then still sell it down then chances are that a child will like that book too so therefore make great Christmas gifts!

So there you have it. My third and finally gift guide of 2017. I hope they have heled some of you that aren't sure what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas. If you have any other suggestions or think I have missed anything off then please let me know in the comments.

Note: some of these items were sent to me for the purpose of this gift guide but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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