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This past month has seen massive changes in our home. We decided in August that it was time for us to tackle the last room in our house that needed major renovation...the kitchen. You can see a post here all about how we planned our dream kitchen and the companys and brands we used but now that it is all done I want to share with you a few of my favourite parts from our new dream kitchen.


I feel like flooring is something that is so important when it comes to renovating a space and if you have read my planning our kitchen post then you will know that we spent a long time looking for the perfecting flooring. I am so pleased with what we went for in the end. The Quick Step slate grey vinyl that we laid looks perfect and I feel that it really brings the kitchen together. Hubby laid the flooring himself and he said it was so easy to do. It clicks together like laminate does and he was able to lay all of it within about 2 hours. The colour is true to the website pictures which I was so happy
about although I was a little worried that a dark floor might make the room look smaller or show up dust but it really doesn't do either. It's so easy to look after and feels really luxurious under your feet. I love the flooring in the kitchen now and it makes such a huge change to have something I really like rather than our old nasty looking lino!

Sink & Tap

I never thought I could love a sink and tap as much as I do the ones that we now have in our kitchen. We chose our sink and tap from Franke UK and I loved it from the pictures on the website but it looks even better in real life! We went for the Elba 1.5 2 bowl sink as I love ceramic as a material but didn’t want to go for the traditional Belfast sink style, so this was perfect. It’s really high quality and looks beautiful because it’s pure white and the ceramic has a lovely gloss to it. The extra half bowl comes in really useful to make food prep and straining and draining faster and easier which when I
have a hungry pickle asking for his dinner is a massive bonus!!
We also chose the Ascona tap which compliments the sink perfectly. I love the swan neck design of the tap and think it would suit any kitchen design, modern or traditional and I can use it for both sink bowls which is great. My favourite feature of the tap is the lever handles as if I’m carrying Pickle, they are so easy to turn as I only need one hand.
The sink and tap area of the kitchen is probably the part that I m most proud of and they make the kitchen feel really polished and complete.


The lighting in any room is important and hubby and I are quite picky about design when it comes to lighting. For example, we don't actually have any ceiling lights in our lounge whatsoever as we felt it didn't fit with the look of the room. For the kitchen we knew we wanted spot lights and the ones we chose from Dusk Lighting really compliment the kitchen and fit in with the overall design.

Colour Scheme

I have wanted a green kitchen for as long as I can remember. I was inspired by a kitchen that I saw many years ago that was just stunning and I fell in love with in but over the years I have had to compromise as we rented and then when we brought we couldn't afford to do the kitchen straight away. I had always brought green accessories like tea towels, washing up bowl and accessories. So when it was time to pick a colour I knew that it was going to be green. We found the perfect paint colour from Valspar and then found beautiful mosaic tiles that complemented it perfectly all at B&Q. I am so pleased with the overall colour look of the kitchen and I am so happy to finally have my green kitchen.

Obviously I am happy with all of the kitchen but these few specifics above are the parts that I really do love and I am really proud of. It feels so good to have the kitchen finished as it was a long haul to get it done and it has been real hard work for my poor hubby but I am so proud of what he has done and how the kitchen looks now. I can't wait to cook Christmas dinner in there this year!

Note: This is a collaborative post but all opinion are honest and my own.

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