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In the summer we tackled potty training and it went pretty well in my opinion. We obviously had a few accidents long the way but within about 5 days Pickle was dry and our job was pretty much done and I couldn't have been prouder BUT there were some essentials that made the process so much easier!

1. Multiple Potties.

This is a strange one but we had THREE potties (unintentionally as we had been sent a couple) and it was so useful as we had one in the lounge which was where Pickle was most of the time and we had one upstairs which meant in the morning if he needed to use the potty he wouldn't have to wait whilst we ran downstairs to get his potty. The third potty was the amazing 2 in 1 Go Potty from Oxo Tot. This potty comes with disposable bags that have an absorbent pad inside to soak up any  wet and make it nice and tidy if you can't throw it away at the time, This potty is perfect for car journeys and days out as it is easy to pop up and comes in a super handy bag. It just made life so much easier and was something that I would totally recommend.

2. Kitchen roll and disinfectant wipes.

These are a MUST if you are thinking of potty training as accidents will happen. Kitchen roll is perfect for soaking up and little sips or even full blown accidents and the disinfectant wipes save you from having to get the mop out. The wipes are also great for cleaning the potty out in between uses. I would give the potty a once over with a wipe after Pickle had gone and then at the end of each day I would give it a proper clean to get rid of any other germs.

3. Treats and stickers.

Now this one totally depends on how you choose to reward your little one whilst potty training. We decided to give pickle a sticker for his chart and a treat like a blind bag or lolly when he used the potty to start with and then we moved onto the sticker for a wee and treat for a poo as he got the hang of using the potty. Which ever way you decided to do things, just make sure that you are stocked up as trust me...these little people are smart and they will squeeze the tiniest wee out of they really want a sticker and if you don't have one then may the force be with you!!!

4. Lot's of spare pants and clothes.

I didn't realise just how many pants and trousers we would go through and it isn't just during the initial period of potty training either. When we leave the house now I have to take at least 2 changes of clothes with us just in case any accidents happens. I would really recommend making sure you have lots of pants/knickers and bottoms for your little one otherwise you will be doing tiny loads of washing to get by.

5. Washing detergent.

This one kind of links into the last point. Make sure you have stocked up on washing powder or pods or whatever you use as you will be doing more washing that usual and the last thing you want is to run out in the middle of potty training.

Apart from all of the above the most important thing you need is patience. Yes, it is frustrating and time consuming BUT once it is done it's so good. No more nappies to change or to send to landfills. It's great but just remember to be patience and get yourself prepared.

Good luck!!!

Note: The OXO tot potty was sent to us for review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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