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Thursday 26th October was a massive day for me. After years of getting tonsillitis every couple of months I finally headed into hospital to get the buggers taken out. Before going in I had heard HORROR stories of how awful the operation is and how bad the recovery would be and if I am being honest I was unbelievably nervous. It felt that all I could see online was bad stories and it felt like there was no balance so I wanted to share with you my experiance of having my tonsils removed - 

NOTE - This post contains photos of my throat during the recovery process and as this may not be some peoples cup of tea I wanted to warn you before you go any further. 

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Day 1 - operation day.

So I headed into hospital at 7.30 am for a long day at the day stay unit. After all the pre op business I went down to theatre at about 9.30. Everything is a little foggy after the operation but my consultant came to see me at about midday and the first thing he said (with a warm smile I must add!) was “well you got your monies worth today”. Apparently the op should have taken 25 minuties but because of the amount of “debris” it actually took them an hour and 10 to get them out! The complications also caused a bleed straight after the op which caused more problems and meant that he was worried I could hemmorige or get an infection. He prescribed me a huge list of pills which included some precautionary antibiotics, told me to eat and drink whatever I could and wished me luck. He was so lovely and in fact all the staff that day were brilliant. The pain wasn’t too horrendous and I managed to drink water in the recovery room and when I got back on the ward I even managed a pot of jelly and half of a ham sandwich (which impressed the consultant!). Finally at 5pm it was time for me to go home with my pharmacy of tablets and let the fun really begin!

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 2-

The first day after the op was pretty easy to be honest. I kept on top of my meds and managed to eat jelly, a slice of toast and even some mash and veg in the evening. The pain wasn’t bad at all and I was actually pretty surprised as I was expecting so much worse!

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 3 - 4 -

I thought that the lack of pain was too good to be true. Saturday morning I woke up and my ears felt like they had been ripped off my head! My throat felt sore but it was my ears and neck that were the killer. Day 4 was a little easier but still pretty painful. I literally just laid on the sofa binging on Netflix whilst topped up with all my pain meds for those 2 days. I still managed to eat jelly and toast which I was pleased about as it knew it would help. The pain in my ears was definitely the worst part of these two days. I was so glad that Hubby was home to help me during these days as I could barely talk as my throat was so sore so he was able to be my voice so I could talk to Pickle.

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Days 5 - 6 -

Once again... I spoke way too soon. Day 5 and 6 are THE WORST! Sorry if you are reading this to get ready for the operation but I can’t lie. These 2 days were really hard to the point where I cried both days. The pain in my ears, head and throat was on a whole new level. It was so bad that I actually had to get Hubby to take me to the doctors on Wednesday to get some stronger painkillers as I couldn’t sleep or eat or anything. The new painkillers were a godsend and I was actually able to get some sleep and eat some jelly and mash potatoes (not at the same time!).

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 7 -

A week after the op and I finally felt human again! My ears didn’t hurt, my neck was pain free and it didn’t feel like I was swallowing a handful of rusty nails each time I swallowed. I was still taking the painkillers on this day but I finally felt normaility. I think the reason I felt so much better was because the scabs/puss/whatever you want to call it, had finally come off the wounds at the back of my throat and it was mostly clear. I definitely think that eating and drinking (as hard as it has been) has been the best thing I could have done even though on some days it has been ridiculously hard!

Day 8 - 11 -

These 3 days have just felt like I have had tonsillitis minis the fever and ear ache that I normally get. My throat is still sore and it is a little hard to swallow first thing in the morning but I am pretty much back to normally. I have happily eaten pizza, beans on toast and hubby even cooked me an amazing steak dinner on Sunday night which was amazing and I was able to eat it all! It feels like I have come out of the tunnel now and it’s amazing!

tonsils, tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, throat, operation, medical, hospital, through amis eyes, throughamiseyes,

Day 12 -

2 weeks to the day that I had the operation and I am back to normal. My throat has totally cleared up and I feel back to my normal self. I have lost just over 4 pounds over the space of the two weeks but I think that is because of the small meals I’ve been eating not because I haven’t been able to eat. I haven't taken the painkillers for the last couple of days as I haven't needed it and I can now finally get out and about again and not have to worry about the risk of infection.

So there you have it. That was my experience of having my tonsils removed. My voice still sounds exactly the same and the only thing that is any different than before I had the operation is that I can't make the snorty sound like a pig any more...thanks to reading Peppa Pig books for highlighting that for me.

If you are having your tonsils removed soon then I would definitely recommend the following:
  1. If you have children then make sure you get some childcare in place. You will barely be able to speak let alone look after your kids. I thankfully had my family that helped with looking after Pickle and I planned for hi to be looked after for pretty much the whole of my 2 weeks recovery. 
  2. DRINK!!! I can't stress the importance of drinking little and often. I felt like for the first week I was continually sipping from my water bottle but it is essential as it keeps your throat moist. 
  3. Eat whatever you can, whenever you can. As hard as it is to eat it is so good for the recovery a it helps to clear the scabs off the back of your throat which helps speed up the healing. Don't worry about eating ice cream or crisps or anything in specific. As my consultant told me, just eat whatever you can. 
  4. Keep on top of your pain medication. I was on 4 different types of tablets and also a throat spray and it got so confusing in my tired and painful state that I actually downloaded an app to help me know when I needed to take everything. For the first week, even if you are feeling okay I would still recommend taking the pills as it just keeps the pain at bay. 
  5. Clear your schedule for 2 weeks and make sure you relax and take it easy. Don't pus yourself or try to be superman/superwoman and do everything. Just relax. Before my operation I made sure all my housework was done, all the washing was done and I made a list on Netflix and sky of all the things I wanted to watch. I then sat on the sofa with a blanket for literally 2 weeks. 
So, if you are getting your tonsils removed then GOOD LUCK and it isn't as bad as people make out as long as you do everything you can to make sure that you have a speedy recovery. 


  1. Hey, glad you made a full recovery! I'm on day 7. And I've been experiencing the earache... I've never felt anything like it! I actually checked to see if my ears were bleeding. What extra pain meds did the doctor give you? I have ibuprofen and cocodemol 30/500 and I don't feel like they are doing anything for me now. Thanks Steph

  2. before surgery did you have difficulty swallowing food? I have no symptoms of tonsillitis, my main problem is the difficulty of swallowing food.

  3. Hi all I'm from surgery yesterday was the worst of my life I couldn't speak I could sleep I even had regrets as to why did I carried on with tonsils being removed, but today I feel a little bit better I can even speak even not quite a lot

  4. I am currently awake during the late night of day 5 from recovery. I think the scabs have started to fall off at this point because my pain levels are shooting back up. Did you experience this? I’ve been eating ice chips and a ton of soup and pasta to try and speed up the recovery, but I’m wondering if I’m doing it wrong. Any suggestions?