Week 16 Pregnancy Update  |  Blog

So as you will know (unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or you’ve never read my blog before) I am pregnant! More to the point, I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and am yet to post a pregnancy up date - WORST PREGNANCY BLOGGER IN THE WORLD!!! I’ve thought about how I want to do pregnancy updated and I’ve taken some inspiration from a few of my fellow pregnant bloggers and decided to do them every couple of weeks rather than weekly and to formate them in a question and answer style and I think that will be easiest for me to look back on and see how things change. So... here we go... my 16 week pregnancy update! 

How far along - 16 weeks and 6 days as I write this. I definitely feel like I’m in the second trimester now. I’ve got so much more energy and feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago

Size - baby is the size of an apple although my bump feels like it’s the size of a football!

Movement - I think I may have felt a few little flutters in the past couple of days but I’m still not 100% sure. To be fair it is still early days and my placenta is anterior like it was when I had pickle so it may take me a little longer until I’m really feeling those baby kicks.

Sleep - Sleeping hasn't been too bad and I'm not cripplingly tired like I was a few weeks ago. I have started sleeping with my pregnancy pillow as I am starting to get a little uncomfortable but overall sleeping is pretty good at the moment.

Symptoms -  I'm still dealing with some pretty horrible constipation (soz if that's TMI) but apart from that everything else has calmed down. The sickness has eased right off and I haven't been sick in ages. The only other thing I have been getting is a bit of lower back ache if I have over exerted myself throughout the day but that's nothing that a nice long soak in the bath doesn't fix.

How I’m feeling -  I'm feeling pretty good. I feel like this is the point where I actually get to enjoy pregnancy. I'm feeling optimistic and excited about having the final piece to out family.

Anything else - This week we got some pretty exciting new...we are going to do a loft conversion which will give us two extra rooms in the loft meaning that Pickle and baby will not have to share when they get older. I am so excited / nervous at the same time. We've got some aritects coming round next week to have a look and give us some quotes to get drawings done! Ekkkkkk!!!


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