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I have never been one for New Years resolutions as when I used to try to do them I would stick to whatever I had resolved for a week or so and then would fail and give up. Instead of resolutions I now like to try and give myself goals or aims for the year. Not massive things, but small and achievable goals that help give me a direction so when I found out that Jules from Pondering Parenthood had tagged me in her 18 Goals for 2018 post I was super excited as it was right up my street! So here they are.... 

1. Have a baby!!!!
Pretty obvious one really but in July of this year (oh my god that sounds weird to say!) we should be having baby number 2! 

2. Document my pregnancy (and post birth journey) monthly on my blog. 
When I was pregnant with Pickle I didn’t have my blog so I wrote a manual diary whenever I felt the need to mind dump about my pregnancy. This time round I want to make sure I write a monthly post rounding up how the pregnancy is going to help me remember and treasure it as this is going to be out 2nd and LAST baby so I want to document it. 

3. Get back to weekly meal planning with slimming world. 
I won’t be going back to slimming world classes until after baby is here but it doesn’t mean that as a family we can’t eat healthy using the slimming world principles. The last few months of last year hubby and I really fell off the wagon what with me feeling nauseous and never knowing what to eat and Christmas etc but 2018 WILL be different and we will go back to being good! 

4. Get back to planning blog content. 
As with the last point, the last few months of 2017 when I was in my first trimester really threw everything off as I just felt so naff so I want to get back to planning my content and blogging my butt off again! 

5. Create a weekly cleaning plan. 
I always feel like I am the only one who does any cleaning in our house and what with the new baby on the way I want to share the load out with hubby and organise our cleaning schedule a bit more. I’ll let you know how that goes! 

6. Have one last holiday as a threesome. 
In July our family will become 4 and I really want one last holiday as the three of us. I have no idea where to go or when but I’m sure we will think of something. 

7. Treasure my time with pickle.
Until July I will be able to devote all my time to Pickle and I want to make sure I don’t waste a moment as come July he will have to share me. 

8. Have a date night with hubby at least once a month.
This may not be possible every month but I want to at least aim to spend some 1:1 time with hubby at least once a month as I feel like sometimes I really miss him and us.

9. Work with some new brands. 
Last year I worked with some amazing brands and I want to carry that on the this year.

10. Carry on reading.
Hubby brought me a kindle for Christmas and I have loved getting back into reading again. I don’t want to set myself a certain goal for how many books to read etc but I just want to carry on reading. 

11. Get back out in the garden. 
Our garden went to pot at the end of last year thanks to our kitchen renovation so when the weather brightens up I want to get back out in the garden and set up our vegetable patch again. 

12. Take one family photo a month. 
I wanted to do this last year but failed so really want to aim to do this in 2018 as it will be lovely to look back on. 

13. Get my supermarket shop down to under £80 a week. 
This may sound like loads to some but I have become really rubbish at doing the weekly shop and it’s becoming really blood expensive! I want to buy less brands in 2018 and try to get my shop to under £80 a week which should be totally achievable! 

14. Take part in the penny a day challenge. 
If you haven’t seen this then the principle is pretty simple. You save 1p per day each day so by the end of the year you have just over £650! The table below explains it properly and I’m really hoping to follow this so next year we have a nice kitty come Christmas. 

15. Grow my nails.  
I wear fake nails at the moment but want to stop wearing them and grow my own nails but I am a biter so it’s something I’ll need to stop! 

16. Carry on with my skincare routine. 
At the end of 2017 I found a skincare routine that really worked for me after year of not really having one. I want to stick to it this year as I can really see the benefits to my skin. 

17. Comment on at least 5 blogs per month that I really love. 
I read a lot of blogs but never really comment and I don’t know why. This year I want to change that as I know how much a comment can mean to a blogger so I want to share the love. 

18. Let the little things lie. 
I did really well at this in 2017 and I want to make sure that this year I continue to not sweat the small stuff and pick my battles. I find it hard to do sometimes as I’m a bit of a natural worrier but I did well last year so want to carry it on. 

And there we have it! My 18 goals for 2018! Fingers crossed I can achieve them all. 

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