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If you have read my blog for a while then you will remember that last year I wrote about the Baby Changing Room awards. Can you believe that these awards have been around for five years now and this year it is even more exciting! And who is behind these amazing awards??? Leading nappy cream brand Sudocrem that's who and this year they are pioneering that way once again with a brand new category to recognise the importance of Changing Places for disabled children. Since 2012, Sudocrem has been campaigning for this new award as well as the chance to recognise retailers and brands who recognise the importance of good changing facilities. Winners in the past have included Mothercare, John Lewis and the National Museums of Scotland!

There are 800,000 disabled children in the UK but only 1058 Changing Places toilets to meet
their needs. This means that parents like Laura Rutherford, whose son Brody, 5, suffers from
GDD, epilepsy, hypermobility and hypotonia, is forced to change her son on a toilet floor. She says:

“Life beyond a baby changing table when your child is doubly incontinent means constant
exclusions when you go out as a family. It’s heart breaking for us as parents and this is an
issue that will sadly become harder and harder as he grows up. He is different not less. Time
for change.''

This is such an important thing that needs to become the norm for shops and restaurants as, as Laura says, these children are different, not less and why should they have to be changed on the floor of a toilet? Would you change your newborn on the floor of a public toilet? I thought not.

Jenny Miller CEO of PAMIS explains,
“We are thrilled that Sudocrem have recognized the needs of children with complex needs as they grow too large for baby changing facilities. Children and young people who require these facilities are often prevented from taking part in their communities by the simple things that we take for granted. In 2007 we cofounded the Changing Places Consortium and campaign to develop accessible facilities for the most disabled people in the UK. The Sudocrem award scheme is a great idea and we’re confident it’s going to make a big difference!''

There are three categories for this year’s award scheme:
 Baby Changing Room of the Year
 Dad’s Changing Rooms
 Changing Places Toilet (in association with PAMIS)

If you would like to nominate a changing room for the award, then let us know which facility, why you want to nominate it and preferably include a photo on Facebook via the Sudocrem website www.sudocrem.co.uk/social-hub or by emailing competitions@satellitepr.com.

And here is the really exciting bit! Every person that nominates a changing room, Sudocrem are offering them the chance to WIN a BabyMel Frankie Tweed Changing Bag (RRP £58) and all you need to do is send in a nomination to enter! So what are you waiting for? Get nominating now and give those brands and companies the recognition they deserve.

Note: this is a collaborative post

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