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RANT ALERT.....why do people feel the need to comment on bumps? I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am showing quite a bit. I wasn’t exactly small when I had Pickle so I was expecting to show sooner with baby no 2 but I am bigger at this point than I thought I would be.

16 weeks pregnant with Pickle

17 weeks pregnant with baby no 2
 If I’m being honest, it has worried me a little bit. You know what it’s like when your pregnant... any little thing that is different from the “norm” or that people comment on makes you worry. But deep down I know my bump is fine and if there are any problems (I’m thinking excess water etc) then it will be picked up later on in my pregnancy and we will deal with it. So in summary, I know my bump is big, I’m a little worried about it but I’m not really thinking about it and I will only worry about it as/when I’m told by a PROFESSIONAL that there is a problems. What is NOT helpful is this:

“You look like you’ve swallowed a bowling ball” 

“ Are you sure there is only 1 in there?”

“If your this big now then how big are you going to be when you’re 9 months gone?” 

“Wow... your all bump aren’t you?”

“Blimey, I was that big when I was ready to pop not half way” 

WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!?! How am I meant to response to ANY of those statements???? There is literally no answer to any of them. I’m not going to say thank you because you’ve just basically called me fat. I’m not going to start pouring my worries about my bump out to you as these things are normally said in quite public and inappropriate settings. I’m not going to bite your head off and say what I really want to say (which would be something along the lines of “just fudge off!”) because I’m too polite and don’t want to hurt your feelings like you’ve just hurt mine!

So next time, if anyone out there wants to comment on the size of a pregnant woman’s bump just stop for a minute and think. She is probably hormonal, uncomfortable and full of self doubt and low self esteem at her ever changing body so instead of insulting her why not try one of the following:

“How far gone are you now? Your looking glowing!”

“So how have you been feeling?”

“You’re blooming! Are you getting excited?” 

“Bless you... I remember what it was like being pregnant. Do you want a cup of tea or anything?”

Or if you don’t like any of my suggestions of what to say then go right ahead and tell her how round she is.... at your peril!!! 

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