Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Preggos!  |  Review

It’s finally the 1st of Feb! It feels like it has been January for AGES so I am so pleased to see 02 when I write the date now. To me, February means Valentine’s Day... a chance for me to show hubby how much he means to me and for him to do the same, not that we need a specific day to do this but I love a good gimmic :) This year though it has been hard for hubby to think of things to get me. The traditional sexy undies and prosecco have gone out of the window as the only thing I wear to bed at the moment is extra large PJ bottoms and a maternity bra! Sexy right??

So, I was thinking, instead of the traditional gift guide, this year I would write a gift guide to help all the partners and husbands of pregnant women out there... no alcohol or skimpy knickers in sight.

1. Jewellery from jewellerybox.co.uk

The Jewellery Box is an online Jewellers FULL of beautiful pieces including stacking rings, anklets, bracelets and necklaces. I was sent this gorgeous Rose Gold dipped Infinity necklace and I love it. The best thing about it isn't the necklace itself though, even though it is seriously pretty. It's the extender sets you can buy from a teeny tiny price of £4.15. These extenders are amazing as it means that if you have a necklace where the chain is just that bit too small you can pop and extender on and make it more comfortable. There is something for pretty much every budget on this site as well which makes it perfect for everyone this Valentine's day. Make sure you check our their website here to find something for the special lady in your life : https://www.jewellerybox.co.uk/

2. Natural Boar Bristle Hairbrush from Rock and Ruddle

Now I know what you are thinking...has she seriously put a hairbrush on a gift guide and before I was introduced to boar bristle brushes I probably would have thought the same BUT just bare with me on this one...

Rock and Ruddle have a range of designer, natural boar bristle hair brushes and since I have been using one my hair has been so unbelievably soft and silky. The quality boar bristles are strong and resilient and have a natural stiffness that means they brush the hair gently and thoroughly without pulling and possibly breaking your hair. They also have microscopic scales on each bristle that help drag the natural oils through your hair meaning you don't get a greasy build up at your roots. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair since I have been using my brush and I would seriously recommend them to anyone. Not only are they great for your hair but they also come in a huge range of designs and 2 different sizes including a heart pattern that would be perfect for Valentines day.

3. Guylian Heart Shaped Chocolate Box. 

I am yet to find a woman who doesn't want chocolates for Valentines Day and this year Guylian have brought out a heart shaped box filed with heart shaped Guylian chocolates. It is such a cliché BUT I love it!!

4. Lypsyl Lipbalm

I am not a big lipstick fan as I find it such a faff and end up forgetting to re apply it and getting a lovely half lipstick look where it fades through out the day. What I do love is lip balm and when I found out that Lypsyl had recently been reformulated and had some gorgeous red packaging for Valentines day I thought they would be the perfect little treat. Also, since being pregnant my lips have been so sore so any relief is very welcome. Each Lypsyl stick contains a rich, hydrating blend of natural Shea and Cocoa butters, Avacado oil, Beeswax and Aloe Vera making them perfect for soothing sore lips. You can check out the full range here and find Lypsyl in most health and beauty stores.

5. 7th Heaven Pamper Pack. 

All women like a good pamper sesh and none deserve it more than those who are pregnant and growing a life inside of them. It is quite a demanding job don't you know? :) So 7th Heaven have come up with the perfect Valentines Day treat for the lady who needs a bit of pampering and what is even more amazing is that you can click and collect this perfect pamper pack from your local Argos with no fuss!

The Complete Pamper Pack is rammed with goodies including 8 face masks, foot masks, hair masks and even a headband to help keep your hair out of the way when your pampering yourself. It really has everything you could need and for only £14.99!!!

Note: some of these items were sent to me for the purpose of review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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