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In your first trimester we all know what happens right? You get morning sickness, you're tired and you crave weird foods. Well I am here to tell you that there is sooooooooo much more than that that people don’t seem to talk about and do you know what? I want to talk about them as I can’t be the only one to experiance some of the lesser discussed first trimester symptoms! 

Oh my goodness... the constipation! I don’t remember feeling like this when I had Pickle but this time round it has been horrendous. Some people say it’s because of the prenatal vitamins and the increase in iron where as others say it’s because of the hormones that are flooding your body. Whatever it is, it sucks and I long for the day when my bowels return to normal!

Crazy Dreams
I am a bit of a vivid dreamer anyway but during my first trimester things took a seriously weird turn. I’m talking dreams where I would wake up not knowing if it was real or not. Dreams where I would wake up so angry and annoyed off with Hubby because of something he did in my dream. Hopefully this passes soon before I serve hubby with divorce papers based on a weird dream I had! :)

Chapped lips 
This is such a weird one as I never experienced it when I was pregnant with Pickle but this pregnancy my lips have been so sore!!! I’ve been going through pots of lip balm like nobody’s business and I still have chapped lips! I know pregnancy can do weird things to your skin but I never knew it could give you chapped lips. So note to all pregnant women out there, NEVER leave the house without lip balm or you will regret it!

Food aversion 
So I didn’t really get much of a food adversion when I had Pickle. Eating wasn’t a problem when I was pregnant then, it was the sickness everyday that was. However, this time round the sickness has been a bit calmer (although I was still being sick 2/3 times a week) but the food adversion has been awful. I literally never know what to eat. It’s like I’m hungry but I have no appetite and the thought of certain food really turns me off. It’s got to the point where I know can’t be trusted to choose what we are going to eat. Hubby just has to say “tonight we are having XYZ” as once it’s in front of me it’s fine but it’s deciding what to eat that is the problem.

Maybe my brain has blocked it out but I don’t remember being very hormonal when I had Pickle (although I am sure hubby would disagree!!) but this time round I have been a teary mess. Literally the smallest of things would set me off. The John Lewis Christmas advert, DIY sos, seeing a fox that has been hit on the side of the road and sobbing because he might have left a wife and baby foxes behind who are now wondering where he is... Ridiculous no??? It is and I know it is but at the time, it was so real and so so sad. Bloody hormones!!!

The tiredness 
This was worse than I ever remember it being with Pickle. I was so tired during my first trimester that there were times where I seriously could have just stopped whatever I was doing and napped where ever I was! For the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy I was pretty much asleep on the sofa by 8.30 pm every night and sleeping for 10/11 hours BUT still waking up exhausted! But have no fear tried pregnant ladies out there... it does pass and I’m currently 15 weeks and finally have some energy back!

So there you have it. The honest truth about what happens in your first trimester. Maybe a little bit of an overshare but not enough people talk about the reality of the first trimester in my opinion which leaves you wondering if what you are experiencing is normal. Well if you’re experiencing any of the above then you are totally normal and not on your own!

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