6 Tips for a Post-Xmas Fitness Regime  |  Guest Post

It’s been a month since Christmas has come and gone, but the effects of the feasts enjoyed are still there. People may have ruined their diets. You might have gained a few extra pounds and that could be hindering your performance at work. You may also be feeling lethargic and laid back and that’s all because of that extra weight you put on. Well, now it’s time to get rid of that excess weight. Here are six tips for a Post-Xmas Fitness regime that will help you get back in shape with consistency, of course.

1. Keep Your Fluids Up

Water helps to rid the body of toxins when consumed in adequate amounts, so you need to keep your intake of water up. It will help you cleanse your body of the toxins (salt and waste) accumulated from the Christmas meals that are still present in your body.

Something that will further accentuate this detoxification is the use of herbal and green teas. Green tea made with herbs like moringa, chamomile, fennel, birch and artichoke will help you in the process of getting back into shape.

2. Regular Exercise

Diet is only one part of the answer to a better body, the next is exercise. You need to get back on the routine that you had before Christmas. Jogging, sit ups and skipping rope are some of the things you need to incorporate to get rid of that excess fat you’ve accumulated over Christmas, in addition to keeping a healthy diet. If you don’t feel like going out to exercise, you can choose to hire exercise equipment for your home at affordable rates. When you have trouble talking, that means the intensity of your exercises is too high. Keep the intensity medium and increase it gradually.

3. Weigh Yourself

You may find this difficult if you know you’ve put on weight. Don’t be scared, hop onto the scale. You’ll get motivated by facing the truth instead of running away. Also, you’ll be able to exercise regularly if you weigh yourself regularly to keep your spirits up.

4. Say No to Processed Foods

Get onto fruits and vegetables, lean meats and other healthy alternatives instead of cheese lathered burgers, fries and pizza. We know, we know easier said than done. But the last thing you want to do is make things worse for yourself by putting on more weight. Stop eating out for a certain amount of time till you realistically feel your body is ready.

5. Cut Back on the Alcohol

Alcohol will make you feel drowsy and less motivated than you already are about your health plan. It even adds to the stress on your liver and increases your blood pressure if you regularly binge drink. That is definitely not a good way to go.

6. Easy Does It

Don’t skip out on meals. That will only make things worse as you’ll feel more tired and fatigued than usual without the essential nutrients that your body needs. Instead, reduce your portions by having your meal in smaller plates and taking out only one serving of “home cooked food.” (Remember, no processed food).

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