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Ever heard the phrase “my body my choice”? How comes that phrase stands in so many walks of life but when it comes to breastfeeding and your boobs, the choice is is taken away and the “right” thing to do is force upon you? 

A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment at the women’s clinic in my local hospital. I was sat outside the room waiting to go in when I was faced with a wall full of posters and information sheets. As I sat there scanning the wall it dawned on me... 

27 posters on the wall 

17 posters on the wall promoting breastfeeding 

0 mentioning ANY other way of feeding. 

Now, I understand and appreciate that the NHS and baby company’s aren’t allowed to promote any other form of feeding as breastmilk has been found to be most nutritious for baby and helps mum too BUT what about all those mums out there that couldn’t or chose not to breastfeed? I was one of those Mums 3 years ago and even now seeing a wall FILLED with breastfeeding posters promoting how breast is best takes me right back to holding my tiny 3 day old baby and crying into him whilst asking myself if I was failing him as a mother because I couldn’t breastfeed him? Mother’s are under so much pressure now days to be perfect. We are bombarded with so much information that when our baby gets here and we are faced with making decisions we end up feeling like a failure no matter what we choose to do. We are told how to raise our baby, feed it, let it sleep, cuddle it, put it down, let it cry, swaddle it, don’t swaddle it, wear a sling, don’t dare wear a sling... the advice and information is endless and can be so overwhelming!! 

When baby no 2 comes along my plan is to try breastfeeding. I will give it my best shot as I didn’t really get a chance to with Pickle due to him being poorly when he was born so I do want to try this time BUT if it doesn’t work, I am okay with that. I’ve already brought bottles, a breast pump and pack of ready made milk just in case. I am prepared this time, not just physically but also mentally. When breastfeeding didn’t work with Pickle I was made to feel like a lesser mother. I felt like I wasn’t giving my baby the best start in life and made to feel like I wasn’t as good as a mother as those who could breast feed. And do you know why? Because of walls full of posters like the one I saw the other day. This time round if it doesn’t work I won’t berate myself. I won’t feel less than any other mother because I know that it’s okay to do what is right for me and my baby, regardless of what some may say around me. Pickle is now a healthy, crazy three year old who isn’t obese or hyperactive or any other things that apparently formula feeding can cause. He turned out fine so if I have to bottle feed our new baby then I know he will be fine too! 

This time round it is my body and it IS my choice so I will do what I feel is right and I will not feel bad for it!! 

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