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The summer seems to have finally arrived which mean its time to crack out that summer wardrobe! The sunny season is definitely my favour season for dressing Pickle as I love all of the boys clothes that come out at summer so I thought I’d share with you my top tips for dressing kids this summer! 
1. Keep some outfits for best
Remember being a kid and your mum saying you couldn’t wear the pretty summer dress or shirt as it was for “best”? Well now is the time to become one of those mums. We have a few parties and “doos” coming up so that will require Pickle to wear something other than jogger bottom shorts and a Primark tee so he ha a couple of nice outfits that are kept for best. These type of outfits don’t have to break the bank though! Kids grow so quickly that there isn’t much point in spending loads of money on nice clothes for them. Keep an eye out on discount code website such as Groupon for some great deals. They currently have some top White Company deals meaning you can get some super cute clothes for a great price!
2. Think practical for every day
If your little man is anything like mine then practicality is key when it comes to dressing them in summer. Pickle spends 90% of his waking time in the garden (I’m sure it would be 100% if I let him!) which means he is constantly covered in mud or sand or suncream. The last thing us mums want is to be trying to get grass stains off of white linen shorts after an afternoon of football kicking so my tip is to dress practical. Jersey shirts in plain colours, cheap and cheerful t-shirts that don’t matter if they get stained and comfy garden shoes that can get wet and muddy.

3. Invest in a good stain remover! 
Leading on from my last point, a great stain remover is a MUST! I use Vanish gold as it’s the only thing I’ve found that gets out almost anything! It’s not particularly cheap but it’s worth while investing in as it makes clothes last so much longer.

So there you have it! My top tips for dressing kids this summer. Think I’ve missed anything out? Let me know in the comments.

Note - this is a collaborative post

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