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If you’ve been following me on social media you will know that I have been breastfeeding / expressing / combi feeding for Smidge. It’s been a strange journey so far and one that we have kind of fallen into so I wanted to share you what we have been doing and how our journey has gone so far.


Our journey started in hospital when Smidge was born. He was very early (36 weeks) which meant that when we tried to get him on the boob he was able to latch on but he just didn’t have enough power to suckle so we reverted to hand expressing the colostrum into little syringes and then bottle feeding him along side giving him the small amount of colostrum I was making. Once we got home and my milk came in we were really able to get stuck in our journey.

I predominantly express my breast milk using a Lansinoh single electric pump and then Smidge has this from a bottle. He will occasionally latch on and take from the boob, only when I am wearing nipple shields.. I’m guessing that’s because he’s used to the plastic teat of a bottle. This is working for us at the moment for a few reasons. It means that hubby can help with night feeds and can be involved. This is a huge one for us because I love knowing that hubby gets a chance to bond with Smidge as much as I do. It also means that if I wanted to go out then I could do as Smidge will take from a bottle so I wouldn’t have to worry about who ever was looking after him having issues getting him to feed. The final thing that I really like about expressing and bottle feeding is that I know how much Smidge is getting and know in my mind that he is getting enough milk. It’s a little bit of mummy paranoia from me, I suppose, as it stops me from worrying that he isn’t drinking enough milk. Pumping is great for us but it can also be hard at times. I’ve had to really think about what I am eating and drinking to help increase my milk supply (another post to follow on that soon) and have also got into power pumping to help my body continue to make enough milk. Power pumping is where you pump for 20 mins, rest for 10 then pump for 10 and repeat 3 more times. This mimics cluster feeding that would happen if the baby was on the breast and it has really helped with my supply. The biggest downside with pumping is the time element. You are basically doubling your feeding time as you feed the baby with a bottle but then have to pump for 20/30 mins at a time as well. I try to pump after every feed Smidge has which is working but is very time consuming. I’m going to be doing another post about the things that have helped us with expressing but my top times are a battery powered pump and a hands free pumping bra! They are god sends!!!! I have done a video over on my channel about the some of the breastfeeding essentials we have discovered recently and you can find that video here -

On the flip side, I have been breastfeeding. As I said earlier, he will happily go to the breast but he is a grazer when he is there which is fine BUT can be a bit of a pain in the bum when you’ve got places you need to go or things you have to do. He would happily sit at the boob for hours on end which obviously I am happy for him to do but with Pickle to look after as well sometimes that just isn’t possible. Breastfeeding does work super well for us when we are out and about though. I love the ease and convenience of being able to pop Smidge on the boob and not have to worry about bottles and warming milk etc. It is just so quick and easy. I’ve also found public feeding surprisingly easy too and if I’m being honest I would rather have my boob out and latch Smidge on easily rather than having to faff around with covers and shields to stop people from being offended by my boob (which is ridiculous!!!). Breastfeeding can be frustrating at times though. Recently I was at a baby massage session and it was a super hot and sunny day. I was trying to get a very hungry Smidge to latch on and he just wouldn’t get it. It was thrashing around, rooting and trying to put whatever he could find it his mouth APART from the nipple. It was so frustrating and I think the fact that it was so so hot and I was in public didn’t help.

So there we have it.. a very basic run down of how our feeding journey has started. It’s definitely been an eye opening experience and very different to Pickle as with him he went on to formula and that was that. For now things are going really well so we will carry on and just see how things go.

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