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Sitting here on 12th June 2018 snuggling my newborn and kissing his little head, it is hard to remember a time when he wasn’t here. It feels like his little squeaks and shouts for milk have always been in our lives but in reality it has been less than a week since he came tumbling into our lives AND he shouldn’t really be here yet when you consider that he wasn’t due until 5th July! Now we are home and settled a little so I thought I’d share with you what happened..

Thursday the 7th June, the day I turned 36 weeks pregnant and I wasn’t feeling too well. I was getting lots of tightenings and something didn’t feel right so I spoke to the maternity team who told me to keep an eye on things until eventually at about 5pm they suggested I headed in. They did a trace and baby seemed fine. I’d had no losses or constant pains so they thought it could have just been the very early start of labour so told me to go home and just see what happens. They were thinking it would be weeks until I was back but they were very wrong! 

I got home at about 7.15 and by 7.45 was sitting on the sofa having ordered a pizza and figured I’d try to forget about things and just let nature take it’s course. Suddenly I felt a leaking from down below. I jumped up and went into the bathroom where I looked down and saw red everywhere. My leggings were stained from ankle to hip and as I pulled them down there was a huge splash of more bright red water. I shouted for hubby and he was so unbelievably cool and calm. He ran to get me some more clothes and called for his brother to come round to watch Pickle (who thankfully was asleep upstairs) whilst I tried to clean myself up and called the hospital back. 20 mins and 3 maternity pads later we were at the hospital. 

We were sent straight to the delivery suite where a couple of doctors and midwives were waiting for us. Within minutes I was hooked up to machines and being scanned and having canulars put in. There was talk of blood banks and people coming in and out of the room in a hurry. It was terrifying but as soon as I heard the heartbeat on the trace I calmed down and just let the doctors do what they needed to do. Thankfully they couldn’t find anything that explained why I was bleeding. They could see that I didn’t have much water left but still couldn’t see where the bleeding was coming from so the plan was to monitor the situation as baby was happy and the bleeding had settled and see what happened. 

By about 10.30 I’d started to get some contractions. They weren’t too horrendous as they were only coming every 5 mins but by 2.30 they offered me some pain killers to help me sleep and I happily accepted. When I woke up at 4.30 I was a bit annoyed though as everything had stopped... no contractions but on the plus side, no bleeding. 

The consultant and his team were due to come round at about 8am on the Friday morning so hubby and I headed for a wander around the hospital to find some food and some bacon and beans later, we were back in our room waiting to see what the plan was. The wonderful consultant and his team said they were happy with the baby and that there was no more bleeding so I had 2 choices. Either I could wait another 24 hours and see if labour started up again or I could go on the oxcitcin drip to kick start things up again. Hubby and I spoke and I said I wanted to go on the drip as the last thing I wanted was to wait for 24 hours and then for baby to get stressed or for the bleeding to start again. By 10.30 I was hooked up, bouncing away on the ball and getting contractions again. It stayed like this until about midday when our lovely midwife Alex checked me and said I was 2 cms dilated. I was devestated at this point as I felt like I should have been further on but hubby, Alex and my mum (who was with us as well) were so supportive and reassured me that progress was still progress. Come 4pm I couldn’t deal with the pain any longer. The contractions were coming every 3 mins for about 1 min and I was just exhausted. I asked for an epidural and after discussing the pros and cons with hubby, I went ahead with a mild epidural. For about an hour it was blissful. I dozed in and out of sleep and life was good. That was until about 5.30 when it started to wear off... 

I was getting the most horrendous pain through my hip and no matter how much I pushed the button to increase the epidural it just didn’t make a difference! In the end at about 6.30 Alex checked my progress. Hubby and my mum made bets and said I’d be 8/9 cms, Alex thought I’d be about 9 and a half were as the negative nelly over here was adamant I’d only be 4 cms and I’d be going down for a csection! Alex won the bet as I was ready to go! She started getting things prepped and moving things out the way whilst I was on the bed using gas and air to get through the horrendous contractions I was facing. I remember that I just couldn’t open my eyes... I have no clue why but at one point a midwife who we’d seen earlier in the day came in and I said “hello... I can’t open my eyes but I heard you come in.. hi!”. Eventually at 7pm it was time to start pushing. I had hubby on one side of me and my mum on the other and after 9 mins of pushing our littlest man came into the world.

08/06/2018 6lbs 11oz 

It was the most magical moment. Hubby and my mum were crying, I was crying and Squidge was put straight on my chest and left there for what felt like hours. It was blissful and I just couldn’t believe how much he looked like his brother. He was tiny but perfect and I instantly fell in love. 

After the birth was a little scary as I had a big bleed and lost over a litre of blood but thanks to the amazing men and women of the NHS it all worked out fine and baby and I were fine. I don’t want to dwell on that part as it wasn’t particularly nice but what I will say is that the NHS staff are just amazing and I am so grateful to what they did for me that night.

So there we have it... my planned birth went to pot but I had the most wonderful experience given the circumstances. Baby is perfect, I am well and recovering and life is good. 

Smidge, you may have shocked us with your early arrival but you have completed our family and we couldn’t be happier or more in love. 

That’s all for now...I’m going back to squishy new born snuggles and series binges on Netflix. 

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