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With our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to neglect our beauty routines and for your skin to start looking, well… a bit lacklustre. But, if your crazy schedule has meant your skin is starting to look a bit dull, don’t worry. I’ve got some easy tips to help bring back that glow.
Start from the Inside Out

It’s no secret that eating lots of fatty and sugary foods can cause your skin to break out, however, some fats are actually good for you. For example, omega fatty acids found in avocados, salmon, walnuts and coconut are essential for healthy skin and hair.
Introducing more of these foods into your diet is a simple way of improving your skin’s overall quality and appearance from the inside out.
Cleanse and Exfoliate Away Dirt
Dirt, dead skin cells, oils - they all build up on your skin and clog pores. Ensure your skin is clean, clear and positively glowing by adopting a regular cleansing and exfoliating routine.
However, be careful not to over exfoliate as this can do more harm than good. Doing this twice a week should be more than enough.
Moisturise with a Tropical Favourite

We all know that moisturising rehydrates your skin to ensure it doesn’t dry out and look dull or flaky, but did you know a natural, tropical favourite can be just as effective as a pricey pot from the high street?
Coconut oil is nutrient-rich, naturally anti-bacterial and antifungal, and a great moisturiser, making it the ideal every day skin treatment. Simply massage a small amount of lukewarm coconut oil into your skin each evening or, alternatively, add it to a face mask.
Mask Up with Your Favourite Treat

If you’re really looking to pamper yourself, then why not try a face mask? Depending on the type you opt for, a face mask can remove excess oils and dirt from your skin, and moisturise it, leaving it feeling smooth and you fresh.
These can be picked up ready made for just a few pounds, but you could experiment and make one at home. Dark chocolate not only tastes and smells wonderful, but it makes a great ingredient in an illuminating face mask as it high in antioxidants which helps to naturally heal skin.
Mix cocoa powder with honey, oats and milk for a smooth paste that you gently massage onto your skin. Once dry, wash it off.
Bonus, you can eat any leftovers!
Have a Professional Dermapen Treatment
If chocolate face masks, eating salmon, and other home remedies just aren’t meeting the mark, why not get in touch with a skincare professional?
The Skin Repair Clinic recommend a Dermapen microneedling treatment to rejuvenate skin and tackle the signs of aging. A trained professional can reduce wrinkles, tighten your skin and improve its overall tone with this treatment, as well as reduce the signs of sun damage and the size of large pores. You could be looking vibrant and youthful in no time at all!
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