Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier | Review

If your a parent then you’ll know that Baby Bjorn is a bit of an institution. The Swedish family-owned business is well known for it well thought out, simple yet reliable products. There products have a classic yet contemporary design and are made with parents in mind. All of their products are designed to make parents lives easier. From carriers to bouncers and travel costs... Baby Bj√∂rn has something for every parent and every baby.

Their latest offering is the Mini Baby Carrier. This is a softer version of their classic carriers, aimed at babies under 12 months old. We were very kindly sent one to try and I was able to see first hand how much thought has gone into this carrier.

The first thing that I loved was how easy it is. I’ve tired slings and other carriers before and they always seem so difficult and complicated. This carrier is so simple that you can put it on with one hand!! Perfect when you holding your baby in the other. It has adjustable buckles and straps all of which are concealed if near baby (so they don’t hurt baby) and/or super soft. The entire front section of this carrier easily unfastens with a simply push of a button meaning that if your baby has fallen asleep you can lay them down without waking them.

This carrier is not only super simple, it is unbelievable soft. It’s thick enough to provide support to your babies back and hips but it’s soft enough for your to feel your babies position underneath. The fabric that this carrier is made out of was actually developed specifically for these baby carriers. The fabric consists of 3 layers - an inner layer, an outer layer and a middle layer. This means that instead of having to use padding that can make baby too hot, the middle layer consists of a fine, single-fiber thread that helps keep baby warm whilst not overheating them. Amazing right?!?!
There are so many other features of this baby carrier that makes it so unique and brilliant -

  • It’s super small meaning that it’s perfect to take out and about. 
  • The positioning of the carrier means that baby is carried higher up therefore they lay on your chest and can hear your heartbeat. This instantly soothes newborns as it is familiar to them from when they were in the womb. 
  • You have opinions! You can have baby facing towards you for when they are newborns with less neck control and then when they grow you can turn them out so they can see the world. 
  • It has an adjustable head support that is so easy to use. The head support folds down for when your baby wants to see out but you can easily turn it up again if baby falls asleep or needs extra head support. 
The Baby Bjorn Mini carrier is available for £79 (amazing price!!!) and comes in a huge range of colours. To see the range and to get yours head over the the Baby Bjorn website!

Note - this carrier was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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