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If you have read my last few posts on here then you will know that I am combi feeding Smidge. This basically means he has a bit of every thing... boob, boob milk in a bottle and formula from a bottle. I explained why this is working for us here but something that has been bothering me recently is breastfeeding in public. There has always been a lot of discussion round breastfeeding in public and how hard it can be and I never really understood until I started doing it myself. The thing is it’s not actually breastfeeding in public that is difficult, it’s other people!! 

Here’s a situation for you... you’re in a public place like a park or a shopping centre and you walk past a newspaper on the floor that’s opened at a page with a full page photo of a glamour model. Looking gorgeously glamorous with a teeney pair of pants and no bra. Boobs out proudly for the world to see. Would you care? Would anyone bat any eyelid? Most probably not. The people least likely to see it as inappropriate would probably (sorry for the generalisation) be men. Here’s the next situation... I’m sitting in the park or in the shopping centre. My tiny baby is screaming as it’s scorching hot and he is thirsty and hungry so I discreetly take my boob out and pop my baby onto it so he can feed. All you can see is the fleshy part of my boob. No nip as the baby’s head is covering that from view. Would you find that offensive? Would people be bothered and find it unsuitable? YES...some do and usually (and bizarrely) it’s usually men who find it so uncomfortable!! How on Earth does that make ANY sense???? They are happy to see boobs on page three but not when they are feeding a child?!?

 I don’t stand up and announce my naked boobies to the world. I don’t seductively strip off my very unsexy maternity tee and bra to show off my swollen, milk filled boobs and my leaky, cracked nipples. Is that why it’s inappropriate? If I was a sexy 18 year old with perky boobs and a washboard stomach who was taking her clothes off to have her picture taken would it then be “appropriate” and make people less uncomfortable? It blows my mind that some people are made uncomfortable by a mother doing one of the most natural things in the world but yet they will happily watch boobs on telly, accept them in advertising and appreciate women showing them off for people’s pleasure! 

That is why I feel like I have to cover up when I’m in public, so I don’t I “offend anyone”. I would much rather just get my boob out and feed my child but instead I have to wrestle him under a cover and then try to get my nipple into his mouth properly whilst trying to keep myself covered and “decent”. All of this in the middle of summer when it’s stupidly hot so my poor baby ends up all hot and bothered as he’s under a cover and I’m sweating as it’s another layer that I just don’t need. All of this just so that I don’t “offend” someone?!? It’s ridiculous! 

So I saw free the boobs! If your happy to feed your baby without a cover then do it! Don’t feel pressured to cover up because that’s what other people want. Feed that baby of yours in whatever way you are comfortable! 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think women should cover up when they are feeding or do you think we should free the boobs? Let me know in the comments. 

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