Keeping Babies Safe in the Sun | SnoozeShade Review

Right now in the UK it is hot! Temperatures are pushing into the mid 30’s and the summer shows no sign of slowing down. It’s lovely to see a bit of sunshine but when you have a small baby like I do then summer becomes more of a headache than a joy as you have to constantly find ways to protect your little one from the sun. It’s a nightmare as babies skin is so delicate and they can’t regulate their own internal temperature so it’s down to us to help them and protect them. One way of doing this is to keep babies shaded and out of the sun but how can you do that when you can’t put anything over them to cover them in case they over heat?? Well, that’s where the SnoozeShade comes in! 

The SnoozeShade was originally invented by frustrated Mum Cara Sayer who was trying to find some way to cover her daughters pram to help her sleep. She soon realised that blankets and muslins weren’t working and weren’t safe in summer so she created the SnoozeShade which is now Britain’s best sleeping range of baby buggy sun shades and sleep aids!
The SnoozeShade comes in a range of different options. They have travel cot covers, pram and pushchair, car seat... there really isn’t a time where you would need a black out cover or a sun shade that hasn’t been thought of! We were lucky enough to be sent the SnoozeShade limited edition steel grey  version and it has been a god send with this warm weather and it is so easy to use. Smidge is still in his carry cot pram at the moment so all I have to do is hook the SnoozeShade over the hood and use the small, stretchy Velcro straps to secure the SnoozeShade in place. That’s it! It is that simple. Once that is done, I have piece of mind that Smidge is protected from the scorching sun whilst still staying cool under the breathable fabric.

This product is just brilliant!! There isn’t one aspect of it that hasn’t been fully thought out. Every product that SnoozeShade have has been designed to exceed standard safety requirements. There are no long straps, no buttons or hooks that little ones could chock on and the strongest zips. This not only ensures maximum saftey for your little one, it also means that the product should last a decent amount of time.  For me, the fabric is the most amazing part of this product. We have all seen the terrifying videos doing the rounds on social media where they put a thermometer in a pram and then drape a muslin cloth or a blanket over the top haven’t we? Well the SnoozeShade is totally safe to put over baby and will not make them over heat. This is thanks to its laboratory tested air permeable and breathable mesh fabric. As it’s air permeable it means that air actually passes through it which is what causes the over heating with blankets and muslins and they are not permeable. Amazing right?!?!
At just £23.99 I think the question has to be can you afford not to have one?? Under £25 for the knowledge and piece of mind that your baby is being kept cool and safe from the sun. To see the full range of Snoozeshade products and to get your own visit the Snoozeshade website here! 
Note - this product was sent to me for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own

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